Shin-kiba 1st RING
460 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. Hiroshi Fukuda Produce: Yasu Urano defeated Shintaro Muroya by DQ when Murotani was counted out on the top turnbuckle (5:36).
1. Sayaka Obihiro defeated Akemi Papiyon with the Half Hatch Suplex (Special Referee: Afro Soichiro Abe) (11:38).
2. 3 Way Hot Pants Ladder Match: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Ryu Gouma and Yumehito Imanari when Sasaki climbed the ladder and grabbed the beer (8:09).
3. Antonio Honda defeated Transparent Mel Gibson with a Backslide Pin (22:15).
4. Ironman Match: Konosuke Takeshita (2) Vs Hiroshi Fukuda (2) ended in a Draw (8:45pm).
4a. Konosuke Takeshita defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with the Wall Of Takeshita (4:36).
4b. Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Konosuke Takeshita with a Harai-Goshi (7:48).
4c. Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Konosuke Takeshita with the Perfect Cradle (13:36).
4d. Konosuke Takeshita defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with a Frankensteiner (18:22).
4e. Overtime Sudden Death: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with the German Suplex (1:28).

Konosuke Takeshita and Hiroshi Fukuda had an Ironman match that lasted from the time it started until 8:45 pm. I don’t know what time it begun but tweets about the match suggest that it lasted just under 20 minutes in total. Midway through the match when the score was tied one a piece, Fukuda bumped into the referee. The room darkened and suddenly “nWo Sting” appeared in the ring! He attacked Takeshita with a baseball bat and hit the Scorpion Death Drop. “Sting” then dragged Fukuda over Takeshita for the pin but he only got a two count. When the clock struck 20:45 the match ended in a 2-2 draw. Takeshita challenged Fukuda to sudden death overtime and it was accepted. The two collided over and over with Lariats but Takeshita caught Fukuda with a German Suplex to grab the victory.

Antonio Honda entered Shin-kiba 1st Ring today to face one of the toughest challenges of not just his career, but of his entire life. Transparent Mel Gibson flew into Japan on his transparent private jet to answer Honda’s challenge and the two went face to face in the ring as the live commentary team talked about Gibson’s movies. When Honda took control he drank from a bottle of whiskey and began impersonating Jack Nicholson’s character from Easy Rider. Gibson fought back until Honda started Hulking up. Honda applied a Guillotine Drop and told the ref to ask if Gibson would submit. Gibson yelled “Freedom!” Honda let Gibson go and talked about watching a match from a college wrestling club called HWWA. In that match a young wrestler named Harley Rape was fighting the Invisible Man. The point of the story is Honda learned that every person has their struggles, even invisible people. Honda invited Gibson to dance as Leonard Cohen’s “Bird On A Wire” played over the speakers. The two danced together until Honda hit Gibson with a cheap shot and pinned him with a Backslide. They still hugged afterwards.

Everyone in the Ladder match had to wrestle in hot pants. Daisuke Sasaki was given a wedgie as he climbed the ladder but he admitted it felt good. Ryu Gouma said Sasaki and Yumehito Imanari should have been arrested for public indecency. However when he was given a wedgie he too admitted it felt good.

Antonio Honda in an afro wig was the referee for Match #1. He was constantly finding ways to avoid counting pins made by Sayaka Obihiro. Eventually he was knocked out by Obihiro and Daisuke Kiso ran down to make the three count when Obihiro did the Half Hatch Suplex.

Tetsuya Endo was interviewed by Hisaya Imabayashi (nice to hear he recovered from his fatal car crash) at the start of the show. Imabayashi said Endo had a similar looking face to female astronaut Chiaki Mukai, Endo was offended by the comment. Takeshita had to step in and prevent a fight from breaking out.

In the dark match Yasu Urano had to face one of Fukuda’s friends. Shintaro Muroya wore one of Fukuda’s old wrestling costumes and was aided by Fukuda throughout the match. Fukuda laid out Urano with the Perfect Plex and told Murotani to climb the top rope. Murotani did so but hesitated to jump. He waited so long that he was counted out and the match was awarded to Urano.


2 Responses to DDT “BEER GARDEN FIGHT 2015 ~HAPPY MOTELS DAY~” Results

  1. yuzie_friday13th says:

    Your article is always wonderful. I admire everytime whenever I read your report.
    But today, I found some wrong descriptions in your “BEER GARDEN FIGHT 2015 ~HAPPY MOTELS DAY~” report.

    1. Obihiro’s first name is “Sayaka”, isn’t “Sayako”.
    2. The man who fought against Yasu Urano at dark match is “Shintaro Muroya”, isn’t “Murotani”. And, he isn’t a member of DDT video team. He is a free-lance videographer and a movie director, moreover he is a mere friend of Hiroshi Fukuda! He hasn’t any relation with DDT.

    I’m so sorry to point out trivial mistakes by my poor English.

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