Shin-kiba 1st RING
460 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: Syoko Nakajima defeated KANNA with the Northern Lights Suplex (8:34).
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: Akane Miura defeated Miyu Yamashita with a Lariat (6:52).
3. Summer Vacation Is Special! Exciting Tokyo Joshi Festival 3 Way Match: MIZUHO and Rika Tatsumi defeated Yuka Sakazaki when MIZUHO and Tatsumi both pinned Sakazaki in a children’s pool (11:57).
4. Animation Specialty Channel AT-X Uchi Summer Festival Up A Notch 2015! Geki Atsu ☆ Challenge: Saki Akai & Ai Shimizu defeated Nonoko & Hyper Misao when Akai pinned Misao with the Rookie Award (13:41).
5. Tokyo Princess Cup – Final: Syoko Nakajima defeated Akane Miura with the Northern Lights Suplex (13:36).

Syoko Nakajima is the winner of this year’s Tokyo Princess Cup! Nakajima beat KANNA in the semi-final while Akane Miura beat Miyu Yamashita. In the final Miura refused to shake Nakajima’s hand before the match started. Nakajima kicked out of the Lariat Miura used to beat Yamashita. She then sent Miura into the ropes with a Hurricanrana and followed up with the Rider Kick 619. It was all over when Nakajima did the Northern Lights Suplex. Her prize for winning the tournament is booking rights for the next show on 29th August. Nakajima also challenged Saki Akai to a match in Shinjuku FACE on 22nd September. Akai came out and asked if Nakajima was Cinderella because she looks pretty dirty. Akai accepted the challenge and pointed out there is plenty of time between now and then. Akai bragged that she becomes more beautiful after every day so Nakajima better be ready for her.

Ai Shimizu is currently the poster girl for AT-X’s “Our Summer Festival 2015!” campaign. She was presented with a bouquet of flowers from last year’s poster girl Yukari Fukui before her match.

The 3 Way Match left everyone soaking wet. A small children’s pool was placed in the ring along with super soakers and water balloons for the girls to use. There was also a blindfold, baseball bat and watermelon for the girls to play split the watermelon. Yuka Sakazaki put both MIZUHO and Rika Tatsumi into the pool and attempted a Swan Dive Splash. Both girls moved out of the way and Sakazaki landed into the pool. She was then pinned by both of her opponents at the same time.

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