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1. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Cherry & Misaki Ohata defeated Hiroshi Fukuda & Ryu Gouma when Cherry pinned Gouma with the Spring Night Love in the sea (12:01).
2. 4 Way Falls Count Anywhere Match: Isami Kodaka defeated Shuji Ishikawa, Daichi Kazato and Mitomi Masayuki when Kodaka submitted Masayuki with a Manjigatame on some rocks (38:47).

Union set up a trip to the beach for some wrestling and barbecue out in the sun. Both matches took place on mats but eventually spread out along the beach and into the sea.

The main event featured water guns, buckets, fire crackers and an inflatable killer whale used as weapons. Daichi Kazato also found a large balance ball and held on to it when he dove onto Isami Kodaka. Kodaka rolled out of the way and Kazato bounced off the ball when hit the sand. Kodaka and Kazato soon found themselves stranded together on a rock off the coast. Kodaka put Kazato in the Manjigatame and submitted him on the rocks.

The first match had a change in teams when Cherry & Misaki Ohata asked not to team with either Hiroshi Fukuda or Ryu Gouma. They weren’t afraid to use sand, seaweed and plastic swords to get the advantage. Cherry was able to pin Gouma with the Spring Night Love in the sea, submerging his head under the water in the process.


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