Union Pro To Disband

A press conference was held today to announce the dissolution of Union Pro Wrestling on 4th October, the day of their 10th Anniversary show in Korakuen Hall. The three key figures of Union Naomi Susan, Shuji Ishikawa and Isami Kodaka were in attendance to explain their decision.

Originally it was just Susan who was going to leave the promotion after the 10th Anniversary show. However when that news broke everyone in Union felt the company in its current form could not exist without her. Susan revealed there have been talks of forming a new promotion that would be closer in direction to DDT but out of respect for the Union locker room she will let the wrestlers talk about their futures when the time comes. Ishikawa however said he will become a freelancer when Union closes down. He will be 40 years old in September and wants to continue proving his strength in the ring. Kodaka said with only three shows left in Union’s life he hopes they will run full force towards 4th October.

When asked if there was any dissent among the roster over the decision Kodaka said everyone is feeling painful about it. He repeated that Susan was irreplaceable and apologised to the fans for what sounds like a selfish reason for their decision. The future of the Union MAX Title and Fly To Everywhere Title was brought up but no decision has yet been made to seal the championships or keep them active.

The conference ended with Kodaka saying he wants Union’s end to be a complete explosion. Though this is a negetive story it can be turned into something positive. Everyone in Union will be laughing happily until the end.

I’ll try to keep you all posted about Union’s future when more information comes out.

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