Shin-kiba 1st RING
324 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Tetsuya Endo & Ryuichi Sekine defeated Ryota Nakatsu & Kota Umeda when Endo pinned Umeda with the Torture Rack Bomb (9:05).
2. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Yuka Sakazaki defeated MIZUHO with a School Boy (8:19).
3. Shinkiba Famous Golden Love Lotion Title – Ladder Match: Jaki Numazawa & Takayuki Ueki defeated Hiroshi Fukuda & Seiya Morohashi when Numazawa grabbed the lotion (14:13).
*Jaki Numazawa becomes the 1st Shinkiba Famous Golden Love Lotion Champion.
4. Somigaku-gatana & Yasuura No defeated Choun-Shiryu & Cao Zhang when Somato pinned Shiryu with the Shin Somato (15:05).
5. Koshien Finals Of Summer: Isami Kodaka defeated Atsushi Maruyama with the Running Isamuashi Homerun (19:01).

A notable journalist was in the crowd to watch DDT for the first time. Yoichi Watanabe was kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2010 and kept captive for five months until he was freed. Isami Kodaka invited him into the ring after the main event for a toast.

A brand new championship was introduced for wrestlers to get their hands on, although it is a little bit slippy. The Shinkiba Famous Golden Love Lotion Title was on the line in a Ladder Match. A bottle of lotion was hung over the ring and whoever climbed the ladder and grabbed it was declared the winner. However there was other bottles of lotion around ringside that could be used. Takayuki Ueki was fixated on using the lotion to wash his chest hair. He also pulled a gun on everybody. Seiya Morohashi was pinned down with the ladder while Hiroshi Fukuda and Jaki Numazawa both climbed to the top despite being covered in lotion. Fukuda had a microphone and he asked Numazawa to sing with him. He did but it was a trick! Fukuda grabbed Numazawa and yelled he was going to do the Perfect Plex off the ladder. However Fukuda instead lost his grip because of the lotion and slipped off the ladder, Numazawa alone to grab the lotion bottle. He and Ueki celebrated the victory by hugging each other’s slippy bodies.

Yuka Sakazaki and MIZUHO both wrestled in yukatas. They used a water gun and rubber floating ring during their match.

Today was the first day of voting for the 2015 DDT Dramatic General Election. Although he wasn’t wrestling on the show, Makoto Oishi was in attendance trying to win votes by giving free hugs to people.


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