130 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Finally Duel! Hold On And Go Beyond The Soul!: Osamu Namiguchi defeated Tigger Bedscene with a Half Crab Hold (8:50).
2. The Outer Drop ~Beyond The Time Of Love And Hate~: Mitomi Masayuki defeated Yumehito Imanari with the Salty Splash (10:10).
3. Rikidozan Sansei Vs Blackjack Of Rubbish Heap: Minoru Fujita defeated Chikara with a Jackknife Pin (10:05).
4. Special Tag Match: GENTARO & Shinichiro Tominaga defeated Hayato Mashita & Yukihiro Abe when Tominaga pinned Abe with an Inside Cradle (14:33).
5. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Enjo-gun General Warfare: Ken Ohka defeated Shibata with the Spear Of Flame (9:30).

Ken Ohka can now put his feud with Enjo-gun behind him after he defeated the group’s leader Shibata. He was outnumbered when Tomoya Kawamura interfered. Ohka got rid of him but then Mitomi Masayuki came in, re-establishing his connections with the group after originally having a falling out with them. A bloody Ohka got rid of him too and hit the Spear Of Flame on Shibata to win. After the match Ohka said he wants Enjo-gun to stay in Ganbare☆Wrestling because they have the same drive as him to make wrestling a major sport. Shibata said Enjo-gun will set Ganpuro ablaze and their feud isn’t over. Enjo-gun left but then a new problem arrived…

Minoru Fujita confronted Ohka and told him he’s tired of all his third rate drama. He’s frustrated by how Ohka wrestles his matches and how much he struggles. He doesn’t want to team with Ohka at Shinjuku FACE next month, instead he brought along his own friends. Fujita brought out Hi69, who he knows from K-DOJO. He then brought out Osamu Namiguchi! Fujita knows him from their time together in Zero1. Ohka got some backup when GENTARO walked out and stood by his side. Then Shota came out, appearing in Ganpuro for the first time since March! Shota remembered Ohka telling him to come back to Ganpuro whenever he was ready and now is the time. Shota is back to help his buddy Ohka. A challenge was made for a 6-Man Tag Team match on 23rd September but that was suddenly interrupted when Bambi came out! Bambi wore a Fujita shirt but she took it off, threw it at Fujita and shook hands with Ohka. Now the challenge was for a 4-on-3 Tag match. A brawl broke out and the Ganpuro side came out on top to end the show.

Despite losing his match tonight, Chikara promised he will wrestle at 120% when he & Yumehito Imanari fight Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie on 23rd September.

Hayato Mashita’s High Kicks are dangerous! He knocked out GENTARO with one but also accidentally it his partner Yukihiro Abe with another to cost them the match. Abe was pinned by Shinichiro Tominaga but isn’t convinced he can do it again so he challenged Tominaga to a singles match. When GENTARO came to Tominaga jokingly told him good morning and also to watch out for Mashita’s High Kick.

Osamu Namiguchi said he noticed a change in Tigger Bedscene as they wrestled each other. There was a tense moment when Bedscene responded but they both started laughing and the tension disappeared.


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