Shin-kiba 1st RING
303 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Ryu Gouma (w/ Kazuhiko Ogasawara) with the Perfect Plex (3:08).
2. Madoka & Ayumu Honda defeated Mitomi Masayuki & Ryota Nakatsu when Madoka pinned Masayuki with the Ranhyei (11:32).
3. Mio Shirai Last Union Match: GENTARO & Kyoko Kimura defeated Mio Shirai & Ladybeard when GENTARO pinned Shirai with a Figure Four Neck Lock Cutback (16:41).
4. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title – Three Match Special Rules: Cherry (2) defeated Aoi Kizuki (c) (1).
4a. 3 Way Match: Cherry defeated Aoi Kizuki (c) and Miyako Matsumoto when Cherry pinned Matsumoto with the Spring Night Love (3:27).
4b. Rock ‘N’ Roll Death Match: Aoi Kizuki (c) defeated Cherry with a Backslide Pin (9:27) (Special Referee: A.YAZAWA).
4c. Irregular Count Fall Match: Cherry defeated Aoi Kizuki (c) with the Union Lock (2:46).
*Aoi Kizuki fails in V1. Cherry becomes the 9th Union Fly To Everywhere World Champion!
5. 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: FUMA, MEN’S Teioh, Kazushi Miyamoto & SAGAT defeated Isami Kodaka, Daichi Kazato, Yusuke Kubo & Masato Shibata (16:40).
5a. Kazushi Miyamoto eliminated Masato Shibata by Ring Out (5:41).
5b. FUMA eliminated Yusuke Kubo with a Buzzsaw Kick (10:18).
5c. Isami Kodaka eliminated Kazushi Miyamoto by Ring Out (11:58).
5d. Isami Kodaka eliminated SAGAT by Ring Out (12:31).
5e. FUMA eliminated Isami Kodaka by Ring Out (12:40).
5f. Daichi Kazato eliminated MEN’S Teioh by Ring Out (13:40).
5g. FUMA eliminated Daichi Kazato with the Diving Headbutt (16:40).
6. Last Man Standing Match: Shuji Ishikawa defeated Seiya Morohashi by KO with the Running Knee Lift Barrage (16:56).

In a Last Man Standing match between Union’s two beefiest men, Shuji Ishikawa came out on top. Seiya Morohashi survived the Splash Mountain but his Quarrel Bomber was countered with a Knee Lift. Ishikawa then spammed Running Knee Lifts until Morohashi could no longer answer the ten count. Ishikawa and Isami Kodaka met in the ring at the end of the show to talk about their Union MAX Title match on the final Union event in Korakuen Hall on 4th October.

The King Legion once more reigned victorious over Union, this time in an 8-Man Elimination Tag match. FUMA was the last man standing but Union’s last man Daichi Kazato did not go down without a fight. FUMA challenged Kazato to a match on 4th October and to spice things up he will put the fate of the King Legion on the line. If Kazato beats FUMA then King Legion will de dissolved.

Cherry regained the Union Fly To Everywhere World Title for the third time after beating Aoi Kizuki two falls to one. Miyako Matsumoto took part in the first fall because the goal was for either Cherry or Kizuki to pin her. The second fall was called a Rock ‘N’ Roll Death Match but music from Swan Lake was used rather than anyting rock ‘n’ roll. In the deciding fall Cherry pinned Kizuki with a special version of the Spring Night Love she calls the Union Lock. After the match Cherry said she wanted to face Masako Takanashi on the final Union show in the decisive battle between Union’s two female(ish) wrestlers.

Mio Shirai was pinned in her final Union match. She put GENTARO in the Figure Four Neck Lock but he countered the move into a pin for the three count. Shirai described the people she wrestled with in the match as a group rich with variety. She said her final match in Union was a good experience. She also got to give a closing speech at the end of the show.


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