DDT X 4GAMER.NET “TOKYO GAME SHOW 2015”, 17/09/2015
Chiba Makuhari Messe
91,041 Viewers (Across 2 days)

1. Kazusada Higuchi defeated Gota Ihashi with a Cradle (5:50).
2. Keisuke Ishii defeated Kouki Iwasaki with a Fisherman Buster (7:16).
3. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Ai Shimizu defeated Hyper Misao with the Fishergirl Bomb (4:49).
4. Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao defeated Antonio Honda & Hiroshi Fukuda when Takao pinned Fukuda with the Sorarina (12:35).
5. HARASHIMA & Yasu Urano defeated Daisuke Sasaki & Suguru Miyatake when HARASHIMA pinned Miyatake with the Somato (10:14).

DDT X 4GAMER.NET “TOKYO GAME SHOW 2015”, 18/09/2015
Chiba Makuhari Messe
91,041 Viewers (Across 2 days)

1. Hiroshi Fukuda defeated SAGAT with a Stunner (7:02).
2. 3 Way Match: Masa Takanashi defeated Akito and Kota Umeda when Takanashi submitted Umeda with a Constricter (6:04).
3. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Syoko Nakajima & Miyu Yamashita defeated Rika Tatsumi & Akane Miura when Nakajima pinned Tatsumi with a Rider Kick (5:43).
4. Antonio Honda defeated Shunma Katsumata with a Cradle (7:56).
5. Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo defeated Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi when Takeshita pinned Oishi with the German Suplex (8:54).

DDT teamed up with 4Gamer.Net for two wrestling shows at the Tokyo Game Show that were streamed online. The shows were held in a small room so the matches had to be held on wrestling mats. On the first show Suguru Miyatake said his family was watching the stream and he wanted to impress them. Unfortunately he was pinned in the main event. Shigehiro Irie tried to flirt with a female employee before his match. Afterwards Soma Takao approached the employee and simply shook her hand.

The main event on Day 2 saw Happy Motels go up against Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi. Late in the match Dino stood on a chair and bent over a table to put himself in the bare-assed Hell Gate position. But it was his partner who had his head shoved into his ass, costing them the match.


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