Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,724 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. Dark Match – Timely Help From YMZ: Kaori Yoneyama & Madoka defeated Isami Kodaka & Ryu Gouma when Yoneyama pinned Gouma with the Amerika-ZOU (8:22).
1. Mio Shirai Last Tag Match: Mio Shirai & Aoi Kizuki defeated Yumi Ohka & Mayumi Ozaki when Shirai pinned Ozaki with the Tsuchigumo (11:22).
2. 4 Organisation Representative 8-Person Tag Team Match: Fairy Nihonbashi, Shuji Ishikawa, Dynamite Kansai & Neko Nitta defeated Ayako Hamada, Hiroshi Fukuda, Aja Kong & Mochi Miyagi when Nihonbashi pinned Fukuda with a Small Package (11:22).
3. Mio Shirai Last Single Match: Isami Kodaka defeated Mio Shirai with the Isamuashi Zan (11:11).
4. 4 Organisation Time Difference Battle Royal: Sonoko Kato defeated Cherry with a Cradle Cutback (18:27).
Order Of Elimination: Yusuke Kubo, Kyuri, SAGAT, Mika Iida, Maruko Nagasaki, Sawako Shimono, FUMA and Mitomi Masayuki, Moeka Haruhi, Kaho Kobayashi, Yuki Miyazaki, Yu Yamagata and Seiya Morohashi, Miyako Matsumoto, Yuka, Rina Yamashita, Ryo Mizunami, Hamuko Hoshi, Cherry.
5. Mio Shirai Final Wrestling Match: Hiroe Nagahama, Tsukushi & Risa Sera defeated Mio Shirai, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Misaki Ohata when Tsukushi pinned Shirai with the Tiger Suplex (14:09).


After a long career spanning over 8 years with countless different championships and companies, Mio Shirai has today retired from pro wrestling. The final M.I.O. co-promoted show brought together Union, Oz Academy, Pro Wrestling WAVE and Ice Ribbon to celebrate Shirai’s final matches. With three matches left to do it was clear Mio was not going to take it easy today.


The show began with her final tag team match with Aoi Kizuki against Yumi Ohka & Mayumi Ozaki. Ohka and Ozaki quickly took Shirai and Kizuki out of the ring while their lackey Police threw chairs over to them. Ozaki also used her chain whenever the opportunity arose. The tables turned when Mio Headbutted Ozaki and knocked down Police. A Big Boot from Ohka missed Shirai and hit Ozaki by accident. She then locked in the Tsuchigumo on Ozaki to get the pin. After the match Shirai was given hugs by the other three wrestlers.


Shirai’s final singles match was against Union’s Isami Kodaka. The reason he was her opponent is when Shirai originally joined Union she said she wanted to be the female Isami Kodaka. They had a hard fought match with Shirai kicking out of the Diving Double Knee Drop. Shirai went for the Tsuchigumo but Kodaka blocked it. Shirai then went for her Purple Flash Shining Wizard but Kodaka caught her and applied a Cross Kneelock. Shirai avoided a German Suplex and got a two count with a Samson Clutch. Kodaka applied a European Clutch for a two count but that was countered into the Tsuchigumo for another nearfall. Kodaka hit Shirai with a Sliding Lariat and won the match with the Isamuashi Zan. Kodaka patted Shirai on the back after the match.


The main event was Shirai’s retirement match. She teamed with her closest friends Tsukasa Fujimoto & Misaki Ohata to take on the trio of Hiroe Nagahama, Tsukushi & Risa Sera. In the pre-match video Shirai said she wanted to leave pro wrestling without any regrets and also show it will be in a good place with the younger women. The WAVE and Ice Ribbon wrestlers at ringside all got involved by joining in on the train attacks as a parting gift to Mio. In the ending stretch each of Mio’s opponents yelled “Thank you forever!” as they hit their finishing move but Mio kept kicking out! Eventually Fujimoto and Ohata attacked Mio themselves to keep her down. They let Tsukushi hit one more Tiger Suplex to end the match. “Thank you forever!”


The retirement ceremony begun and Mio shook hands with all of the wrestlers. She and Ohata vacated their WAVE Tag Time Titles and handed the belts over to WAVE president Mikiko Futagami. She then received bouquets from a number of people including Sanshiro Takagi from DDT, Makoto and Maki Narumiya from REINA, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Nagisa Nozaki, Kagetsu, AKINO, Shu Shibutani, Kyoko Kimura, Toshie Uematsu, Nagashima and finally Takashi Sasaki from FREEDOMS. Next up Mio was greeted by the WAVE and Ice Ribbon rosters, then the Oz Academy roster and then the Union roster. But the biggest bouquet of all came from a Stardom wrestler… also Mio’s sister. They’ve had their differences over the years but Mio and Io Shirai smiled together. Then they headbutted each other. They embraced afterwards when their mother entered the ring.


Mio took the microphone and wondered if any young girls or even young boys in audience felt something when they saw today’s matches. She thinks today’s show was a success and someone in the audience yelled “Cheers for the good work!” Mio said she was tired after 8 and a half year in the business and her body was tattered. She thanked everyone and stood still for the 10 bell salute. Her name was announced one more time and she was then flooded with streamers in the ring.


However that wasn’t all Mio had to announce. She interrupted her music and raised her hand, showing a ring on her finger. She’s going to get married! She said 8 and a half years is a long time and she worked hard to be a good wrestler but from now on she is going to be a good wife. She thanked everyone for coming and told everyone not to worry, that was the last shocking announcement she had.


Hiroshi Fukuda was able to convince everyone in Match #2 to sing with him, even Aja Kong. They sang a song called “Gift Words” but slightly changed the lyrics so they could sing about how much they love Mio.


During the dark match Ryu Gouma gave Kaori Yoneyama a general knowledge quiz. Everytime she got a question wrong Gouma would do a wrestling move on her. Yoneyame eventually hed enough of the lesson and countered Gouma’s Neckbreaker Drop into the Amerika-ZOU to win the match.


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