Shinjuku FACE
485 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. MIZUHO defeated Hyper Misao with a Senton (5:48).
2. Ai Shimizu defeated Nonoko by Referee Stoppage with the Oppai Squash ☆ (5:58).
3. Azusa Takigawa Debut Match: Miyu Yamashita defeated Azusa Takigawa with the Attitude Adjustment (5:03).
4. Erin Comeback Match: Erin & Akane Miura defeated Yuka Sakazaki & Rika Tatsumi when Miura submitted Sakazaki with a Modified Sickle Lock (14:04).
5. Syoko Nakajima defeated Saki Akai with a Cradle (12:06).


There was a big upset in the main event when Syoko Nakajima pinned Saki Akai. The Tokyo Princess Cup winner is the first person to beat Akai in Tokyo Joshi Pro but it was a difficult task none the less. Akai was in control for most of the match and Nakajima was only able to do her Northern Lights Suplex out of desperation for a two count. Victory came for Nakajima when she countered a Lariat into a Cradle. Saki Akai was so shocked by losing that she fainted. Her Biishiki-gun servants were also left speechless by the result. Nakajima meanwhile was filled with emotion over the victory. She told her story of moving to Tokyo when she was 19 years old. She wanted to become a comedian but her attempts ended in failure and she decided to quit. That was when she discovered wrestling and chose Tokyo Joshi as a place to escape to. Since then she’s been having fun everyday and learned to never give up no matter what. She thanked the audience for their support. It was their cheers that kept her together when things looked bleak. She said maybe she is still weak on her own but with Tokyo Joshi they can both grow bigger and bigger together.


Erin was back in action for the first time since June the arm she fractured was targeted in her return match. Yuka Sakazaki also got involved in a lot of shenanigans like blowing a whistle in Akane Miura’s ear to break up a submission hold and having a quiz against Rika Tatsumi to determine who knows Erin best. When the quiz ended Erin put Tatsumi in her new Jiaozi Lock submission while Miura tapped out Sakazaki with the Sickle Lock.


Tokyo Joshi’s newest wrestler is now named Azusa Takigawa. She lost to Miyu Yamashita in her debut match but is eager to continue wrestling while also attempting to be a reporter on television. After the match Takigawa said she wants to show the same vigor and power that she sees whenever she watches pro wrestling.


Ai Shimizu was able to render Nonoko unconscious with a modified Camel Clutch, grasping her arms around Nonoko’s big chest and squeezing as hard as she could.


The opening match was between two women who teamed together in their debut back in February. For the occassion Hyper Misao wrestled in a new superhero costume that she claims can absorb 95% of her opponent’s attacks. She also wrote a letter for MIZUHO to tell her how much she means to her but her attempts to read it made her cry. However, Misao also warned that this was a big match and her new costume is too powerful for a small fish like MIZUHO. The match happened and it turned out the new super suit wasn’t as powerful as Misao thought it was. MIZUHO was able to beat Misao earn her first pro wrestling victory.


Sanshiro Takagi appeared at the end of the show to announce that Tokyo Joshi will soon arrive in the “holy land”. The brand will hold its first show in Korakuen Hall on 4th January, 2016! Takagi said Tokyo Joshi was able to fill up Shinjuku FACE twice and he now wants the brand to fill up Korakuen Hall two, three or even four times! He also mentioned the show will take place at noon so it won’t clash with Wrestle Kingdom 10 next door. He hopes instead that fans both local and worldwide attending the Tokyo Dome that day will be even a little bit interested in giving Tokyo Joshi a shot.



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