Isami Kodaka Launches Pro Wrestling BASARA


Last week during the DDT Dramatic General Election results show there was a few news items about the aftermath of Union’s closure. The big news is the formation of a new wrestling organisation called Pro Wrestling BASARA. Led by Isami Kodaka, BASARA aims to rebel against the industry’s current regime with flashy wrestling. Kodaka was joined by former Union wrestlers Hiroshi Fukuda, Daichi Kazato, Ryu Gouma and SAGAT as the first wrestlers signed to the new brand. FUMA has also joined the group according to Kodaka. Kazato said he wants to dye his own colours into BASARA, SAGAT said he will work hard for the new brand, Gouma said he is here because BASARA was missing intelligence and compliance without him, and Fukuda said he wants to continue pursuing the wrestling he believes in and that involves the power of singing.

The first four BASARA shows will take place next year on 21st January in Shinjuku, 5th February in Saitama, 21st February in Osaka and 26th February in Yokohama. Kodaka said he wants to book shows in more rural areas in Japan and might do two shows a month if BASARA becomes successful. He will continue to promote the Tavern Wrestling shows alongside BASARA aswell as take outside bookings but the new brand is his priority.

Not everyone from Union is jumping over to BASARA, instead they have gone down different roads. Seiya Morohashi, Cherry and Lady Beard have all been signed by DDT. Morohashi said a lot has changed in DDT during the six years he has been gone. Cherry is happy to return to the company she debuted for and she is now a coach in a wrestling school DDT is associated with. Lady Beard is excited to work for DDT. Shuji Ishikawa and Mitomi Masayuki have both become freelancers. Masayuki wants to work for a variety of groups and prefers to take bookings on his own from now on. He thanked the entire DDT company for everything he learned during his time here. Yusuke Kubo and Daichi are both leaving wrestling. Kubo has gone back to working for DDT’s video production team while Daichi wasn’t booked much even as a part-timer.


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