Yokohama Radiant Hall
180 Fans – No Vacancy

1. 3 Way Match: Ai Shimizu defeated Syoko Nakajima and MIZUHO when Shimixu pinned MIZUHO with the Fishergirl Bomb (4:59).
2. KANNA, Nonoko & Akane Miura defeated Miyu Yamashita, Yuka Sakazaki & Azusa Takigawa when KANNA pinned Yamashita with the Spear Of Versailles (8:51).
3. Saki Akamiya & Hyper Misao defeated Erin & Rika Tatsumi when Akamiya pinned Tatsumi with the Two Stage Face Kick (8:29).
4. Right To 1/4 Tokyo Joshi Title Appearance Battle Royal: Syoko Nakajima defeated Nonoko with the Northern Lights Suplex (13:51).
Order Of Elimination: Azusa Takigawa, Hyper Misao, Rika Tatsumi, Ai Shimizu, KANNA, MIZUHO, Erin, Akane Miura, Yuka Sakazaki and Nonoko.

Syoko Nakajima is back in the 1/4 Tokyo Joshi Pro Title match after she won the main event Battle Royal. In her victory speech she said when she lost the first spot in the match she considered giving up, but she never gives up! It looks like Nakajima’s place in the match is guaranteed unlike her opponent’s.

KANNA’s resurgence in Tokyo Joshi Pro continued with a pinfall win over Miyu Yamashita in the 6-Woman Tag match. Yamashita nominated KANNA as her next opponent with the title match spot on the line. KANNA said her time spent in Biishiki-gun has taught her everything she needs to beat Yamashita.

At the beginning of the show Sanshiro Takagi called out Saki Akamiya so he could confront Tokyo Joshi’s newest evil force. Akamiya came out with Hyper Misao by her side. She called Takagi an old man and said her goal is to take over Tokyo Joshi and change it to her liking. She tried to attack Takagi with her yoyo amulet but Takagi caught it. He struck Akamiya’s iron mask with the yoyo, splitting it in half. The iron mask fell apart and Akamiya was revealed to be Saki Akai! She said this was the first time she ever felt the wind touch her cheeks. Hyper Misao told Takagi that Saki Akamiya is not the same person as Saki Akai. Takagi kicked her away and said he doesn’t believe it. Misao insisted she was telling the truth and promised Takagi that they will protect Tokyo Joshi from any mighty enemy. Misao handed Akamiya a pair of leather gloves to signify their new alliance. Later in the show they defeated Erin & Rika Tatsumi. Akamiya said she is still a villain who exploits people’s weaknesses. Takagi also gave Misao an apple and some marbles for some reason before kicking her again.


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