DDT “DNA 11” Results


DDT “DNA 11”, 11/11/2015
Kitazawa Town Hall
234 Fans – No Vacancy

1. My Beloved Brother!! This Is The Fist Of The Brother With The Different Aim!!: Tigger Bedscene defeated Dai Suzuki with a Northern Lights Suplex (8:43).
2. Daichi Kazato defeated Kouki Iwasaki with the Sister Abigail (10:18).
3. Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi defeated Kota Umeda & Mizuki Watase when Oishi pinned Watase after the Cactus Flower (11:59).
4. Shunma Katsumata defeated Suguru Miyatake with the Kasadora (12:32).
5. Ryota Nakatsu defeated Mao Inoue with the Cross Armbreaker (13:45).
6. Kazusada Higuchi defeated Daisuke Sasaki with the Goten (21:38).

Kazusada Higuchi’s impressive year continues with a singles victory over Daisuke Sasaki. Higuchi left his mark early when he caught Sasaki’s Tope and then Power Bombed him onto the ring apron. Higuchi also kicked out of the Sasaki Hurricanrana and avoided the move Sasaki previously beat him with, La Mistica Cross Face Lock. He locked in an Iron Claw and from there gave Sasaki the Goten to win the match. Sasaki told Higuchi he is pretty strong and powerful for someone who has just been in pro wrestling for one year. He told Higuchi not to quit because he is talented. After Sasaki left Higuchi thanked the fans for coming. He established that DNA will not lose to the senior wrestlers and he will continue to prove how much of a strong man he is.

Ryota Nakatsu called out Isami Kodaka after Match #5 with a request to join Pro Wrestling BASARA. Nakatsu said Isami is the senior wrestler who has treated him with the most respect and lately he had fun teaming with him in Union and Tavern Wrestling. After spending a year in DNA Nakatsu now wants to step up and BASARA is the perfect place to do that. Isami accepted but also offered a singles match between the two next month. The match will be Nakatsu’s final appearance as a DNA wrestler.

The match between Shunma Katsumata and Suguru Miyatake was a bit more heated than expected. Katsumata thinks Miyatake is jealous of him. Miyatake admitted in a backstage interview that he hates Katsumata from the bottom of his heart because he reminds him of someone from college who was better than him at everything. Miyatake then had somewhat of an emotional breakdown as bad memories came flooding back.


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