DDT “OSAKA OCTOPUS 2015” Results


DDT “OSAKA OCTOPUS 2015”, 28/11/2015
Osaka Edion Arena #1
2,332 Fans

0. King Of Dark Title: Kouki Iwasaki (c) & Tomomitsu Matsunaga defeated Shoichi Uchida & Dai Suzuki when Matsunaga pinned Suzuki with the Back Drop (3:33).
*D4 for Kouki Iwasaki.
1. Akito, Yasu Urano, Ryota Nakatsu & Kota Umeda defeated Keisuke Ishii, Soma Takao, Mao Inoue & Mizuki Watase when Akito pinned Inoue with the Hanamasa (8:56).
2. Shochiku Vs Yoshimoto All Out War: Super Sasadango Machine Vs RG & Ryota Yamazato ended in a Draw when they put all 6 pieces of Mizuki Watase back together (9:34).
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Kikutaro defeated Cherry with a Terai Strike (4:50 pm).
*Kikutaro becomes the 1,056th champion.
3. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Battle Royal: Saki Akai defeated Kikutaro (c), Cherry, Makoto Oishi, Masa Takanashi, Suguru Miyatake, Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata, Yoshihiko, Shunma Katsumata, Kiai Ryuuken Ecchan and Gota Ihashi (14:35).
3a. Shunma Katsumata eliminated Kikutaro (c) after a German Suplex from Yukinori Matsui (5:09).
*Shunma Katsumata becomes the 1,057th champion.
3b. Kazuki Hirata eliminated Shunma Katsumata with the Miracle One Shot Cradle (6:53).
*Kazuki Hirata becomes the 1,058th champion.
3c. Yoshihiko eliminated Kiai Ryuuken Ecchan by Ring Out (11:15).
3d. Yoshihiko eliminated Makoto Oishi with the Reincarnation (11:35).
3e. Toru Owashi eliminated Kazuki Hirata (c) with the Figure Four Neck Lock (12:03).
*Toru Owashi becomes the 1,059th champion.
3f. Yoshihiko eliminated Toru Owashi (c) with the Figure Four Neck Lock (12:07).
*Yoshihiko becomes the 1,060th champion.
3g. Suguru Miyatake eliminated Yoshihiko (c) with the Figure Four Neck Lock (12:10).
*Suguru Miyatake becomes the 1,061st champion.
3h. Gota Ihashi eliminated Suguru Miyatake (c) with the Figure Four Neck Lock (12:11).
*Gota Ihashi becomes the 1,062nd champion.
3i. Gota Ihashi’s Tights eliminated Gota Ihashi (c) after a High Kick from Saki Akai (12:56).
*Gota Ihashi’s Tights becomes the 1,063rd champion.
3j. Cherry eliminated Gota Ihashi’s Tights (c) with a Body Press (13:26).
*Cherry becomes the 1,064th champion.
3k. Saki Akai eliminated Masa Takanashi by Ring Out (14:19).
3l. Saki Akai eliminated Cherry (c) with a Cradle Cutback (14:35)
*Saki Akai becomes the 1,065th champion.
4. Hardcore Special 6 Way Match: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Sanshiro Takagi, KENSO, Yuko Miyamoto, Kazusada Higuchi and Ken Ohka when Sasaki pinned Higuchi with the Diving Elbow Drop From a Ladder through a Table (15:21).
5. DDT Extreme Title – UWF + 3 Count Pinfall + 20 Count Outside Hybrid Rules: Kendo Kashin defeated Antonio Honda (c) with a Cradle (10:26).
*Antonio Honda fails in V4. Kendo Kashin becomes the 34th DDT Extreme Champion!
6. Danshoku Dino, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei defeated Joey Ryan, Hiroshi Fukuda & Tetsuya Endo when Shu pinned Fukuda with a School Boy (14:51).
7. Special Single Match: Yuji Okabayashi defeated Shigehiro Irie with the Golem Splash (16:55).
8. Special Single Match: HARASHIMA defeated Konosuke Takeshita with the Swan Dive Somato (18:30).
9. KO-D Openweight Title: Isami Kodaka defeated Yukio Sakaguchi (c) with the Isamuashi Zan (18:05).
*Yukio Sakaguchi fails in V3. Isami Kodaka becomes the 55th KO-D Openweight Champion!


The attendance for this show is pretty disappointing given as it was DDT’s first time in the main Osaka Edion Arena and their 3rd biggest show of the year. Until now they only booked the building’s #2 Gym. However Sanshiro Takagi said DDT will book the arena again next year. He wants to boost their following in Osaka and the Kansai region to be on the same level as Tokyo.


In one last tribute to Union Pro Wrestling, its ace is now the champion of DDT! Isami Kodaka outfought Yukio Sakaguchi in the main event to win the KO-D Openweight Championship. Kodaka was introduced as a Union wrestler while Sakaguchi entered the arena accompanied by the rest of Shuten-dōji including the injured KUDO. Sakaguchi went for a Triangle Choke early but Kodaka countered it into a Power Bomb. Sakaguchi came back with numerous kicks but Kodaka urged him to keep them coming. Eventually Kodaka goaded Sakaguchi into an Octopus Hold. It wasn’t enough and soon Kodaka was given several Knee Strikes including one to the back after Kodaka missed his Isamuashi Zan finisher. Sakaguchi went for the Right Knee Of God but this time Kodaka hit the Isamuashi Zan to counter it. Another Right Knee Of God found its target but wasn’t enough. Kodaka was able to hit one more Isamuashi Zan and got the three count. When Kodaka was given the belt he told Sakaguchi he was open for one more match. In his victory speech he talked about seeing DDT when he was 20 years old but he did not know how to join their school so he went to K-DOJO when he found out they were taking applications. He brought up the upcoming launch of Pro Wrestling BASARA and then called out his first challenger Tetsuya Endo. He challenged him to a quick Rock-Paper-Scissors game but lost. Endo said that game is what got him the title shot but he is now flowing with ability. His chest is filled with pride for DDT so he must win the title for them.


The atmosphere was tense inside the ring when HARASHIMA and Konosuke Takeshita fought. It took two attempts of the Swan Dive Somato for HARASHIMA to win. Takeshita threw everything he could at him but it was no good. Takeshita was depressed afterwards, only saying “…Useless. No good. No good” in the post-match interview. Ken Ohka crashed HARASHIMA’s interview to ask if they could enter next month’s tournament for the vacant KO-D Tag Team Titles. Ohka told him the team that beat New Japan and Hiroshi Tanahashi should strike while the iron is hot. HARASHIMA accepted when Ohka told him how much the fans want to see it.


In the Battle Of The Big Lads Shigehiro Irie fell to the Big Japan Golem Yuji Okabayashi. There were Lariats and Headbutts aplenty but Okabayashi came out on top with the Golem Splash. He appealed for another match afterwards saying that they are in sync with each other and he would fight him any number of times. He also teased the idea of them teaming up and entering the upcoming KO-D Tag Team Titles tournament. Irie likes the idea but wants to know what his friends Keisuke Ishii and Soma Takao want to do before he makes the decision.


The Brahman Brothers attacked Saki Akai with an octopus before their entrance for Match #6. Late in the match they put a plate of curry onto a chair in the middle of the ring. The plan backfired when Hiroshi Fukuda gave Danshoku Dino an Atomic Drop onto the chair. Dino’s backside landed on the curry. Brahman Shu was able to pin Fukuda but Dino didn’t feel like a winner after that. Akai got her revenge on the Brahmans when she attacked them with the octopus backstage at the end of the show.


Kendo Kashin had an odd array of temporary body tattoos including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo and a picture of Antonio Honda’s actor brother Eiichiro Honda. UWF Rules were in place with pinfalls and countouts included. When Honda was about to do the Diving Fist Drop, Kashin grabbed Yukinori Matsui by the legs and used the distraction to do an Avalanche Cross Armbreaker. Kashin lock Honda in an Inside Cradle and that was enough for the title change. Kashin stomped on the DDT Extreme Title belt after the match causing an angry Akito to confront him in the ring. Kashin offered Akito the belt but then kicked him in the stomach. The new champ is already thinking up rules for his first defence. Maybe amateur wrestling but with three count pinfalls?


Each participant in the Hardcore 6 Way match brought a weapon with them to the ring. Among them Sanshiro Takagi brought along an electric fan and the Combat Bicycle, Daisuke Sasaki brought down an unwilling Suguru Miyatake and Yuko Miyamoto carried a locker into the ring. Takagi stuck Kazusada Higuchi’s hand into the fan, he also stuck KENSO into the locker and Dropkicked it. Higuchi got revenge on Takagi by Choke Slamming him onto the locker with KENSO still in it. Sasaki hit Higuchi with trash can lids until he fell on top of a table. Sasaki then climbed a giant ladder and hit the Diving Elbow Drop through the table to get the win.


An unmasked Kikutaro disguised himself as a TV reporter to ambush Cherry before the Battle Royal. As he interviewed her about the match Kikutaro lifted up a metal basin and dropped it over her head. She was stunned long enough to be pinned, marking the first of many Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title changes throughout the match. In the ring Kikutaro tried to get his hands on Saki Akai but Yukinori Matsui came to the rescue and gave him a German Suplex. Shunma Katsumata capitalised and pinned Kikutaro to eliminate him and become the champion. Kikutaro was later found in the locker room knocked out and naked. Kazuki Hirata then entered the match wearing Kikutaro’s clothes. Gota Ihashi’s tights became a two time champion and Cherry won back the title but in the end Saki Akai came out victorious. After almost a year of trying to win and keep the belt, Akai pinned Cherry to win the match and become champion. She spoke about getting to compete in the same arena her father did when he was a boxer and getting to do something he couldn’t, win a championship.


In an act of psychological warfare, Super Sasadango Machine wanted to divide RG & Ryota Yamazato. Literally. He did this by wearing Buffaloman horns and then charging them so he could do the Hurricane Mixer. They both dodged it but unfortunately for their fellow comedian wrestler Mizuki Watase, he was hit. The move smashed Watase into six different pieces and it was up to the comedians to put Watase back together in less than ten minutes to revive him. They succeeded but Watase was furious to be left in harm’s way. He attacked his friends but they fought him off. Everybody calmed down and made up afterwards by singing songs.


Akito debuted his new finisher called the Hanamasa. It is the same move as YAMATO’s Gallaria. Mao Inoue injured his jaw during the opening match.


Right before the pre-show began Tomomitsu Matsunaga told Kouki Iwasaki to focus on Dai Suzuki if he wanted to get rid of the King Of Dark Title. Matsunaga was proven right that Suzuki was the weakest in the match when he pinned him. However since Iwasaki was not involved in the result he is still the “Misfortune Champion”.

KUDO appeared at the beginning of the show to announce he is going into surgery to repair his right ACL on 2nd December. He aims to come back next summer.

Joey Ryan will be back in January and he’s bringing a friend with him. DDT’s going to get a whole lot cuter because Candice LeRae will make her DDT debut on the 3/1 Korakuen Hall show! She will also be at the 10th and 11th January shows in Osaka.

BOYZ will hold its first show in Osaka on 6th March, 2016.


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