Saitama Kasukabe Hall
238 Fans – No Vacancy

0. Exhibition Fight: Yu defeated Shio with a Modifed Arm Lock (1:54).
1. Ai Shimizu defeated MIZUHO with the Fishergirl Bomb (6:28).
2. 3 Way Match: Nonoko defeated Yuka Sakazaki and Azusa Takigawa when Nonoko submitted Takigawa with the Dragon Sleeper (7:58).
3. Saki Akamiya & Hyper Misao defeated Erin & Akane Miura when Akamiya pinned Miura with the Two Stage Face Kick (9:27).
4. Syoko Nakajima defeated Rika Tatsumi with the Northern Lights Suplex (9:27).
5. Right To 1/4 Tokyo Joshi Title Appearance: Miyu Yamashita (c) defeated KANNA with the Crash Rabbit Heat (9:09).

The main event had big consequences for the 4th January title match at Korakuen Hall. Miyu Yamashita defended her spot in the match against her rival from day one, KANNA. Yamashita has beaten KANNA in every singles match they had together and this time was no different. Even with the stuff she learned as part of Biishiki-gun, KANNA was still not good enough to beat Yamashita. The result means the main event of Korakuen is set in stone. Yamashita will take on the Tokyo Princess Cup winner Syoko Nakajima to crown Tokyo Joshi Pro’s first champion!

Nobody expected Poison Sawada JULIE to appear in Tokyo Joshi but that’s exactly what he did agter Match #3. JULIE was here for Akane Miura. He said her recent defeats and failed opportunities were the result of a weak mind. But with his snake magic, Miura can become the strongest in Tokyo Joshi! The other girls tried to convince Miura not to take his offer but JULIE used his snake magic to take over their bodies and forcfully make them leave the ring. Miura accepted JULIE’s help and they left the ring laughing maniacly. Hyper Misao said she will wrestle Akane one on one at Korakuen to save her from JULIE’s grasp.

Three new rookies were introduced today. Yu and Shio were given an exhibition bout to show off their skills. Yu seems to be power based while Shio has grappling skills. They are joined by Marika who is a Big Japan fan.

Candice LeRae will be on the 4th January show.


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