Tokyo Korakuen Hall
914 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Yu and Nodoka Onesan Debut Match: Yu defeated Nodoka Onesan with a Modified Armbar (4:13).
2. 3 Way Match: Nonoko defeated Hyper Misao and MIZUHO when Nonoko pinned Misao and MIZUHO with the Pie Fly Flow (9:45).
3. Marika Kobashi Debut Match: Rika Tatsumi & Marika Kobashi defeated Erin & Azusa Takigawa when Tatsumi pinned Takigawa with a Twist Of Fate (11:14).
4. Candice LeRae defeated Yuka Sakazaki with the Ball Plex (11:14).
5. Ai Shimizu defeated KANNA with the Shiranui (6:58).
6. Poison Miura (w/ Poison Sawada JULIE) defeated Saki Akamiya with a Lariat (10:48).
7. TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title: Miyu Yamashita defeated Syoko Nakajima with the Crash Rabbit Heat (19:17).
*Miyu Yamashita becomes the 1st Tokyo Princess Of Princess Champion!

Hours before Wrestle Kingdom took place, DDT’s joshi promotion had a show of their own nearby with their first event ever held inside Korakuen Hall. It’s also close enough to kind of count as the third anniversary of Tokyo Joshi Pro’s debut show. A lot of the roster debuted new wrestling gear for the occasion.


The newly named TOKYO Princess Of Princess Championship was on the line in the main event. Miyu Yamashita and Syoko Nakajima fought to become the first champion. Yamashita has been with Tokyo Joshi since the brand rebooted itself in 2013 after a failed soft launch that took place one year earlier. She had spent most of the last year trying to establish herself as the ace of the brand. Nakajima debuted six months after Yamashita. After spending the beginning of her career as a comedy wrestler she accomplished two big goals in 2014, winning the Tokyo Princess Cup and being the girl to break Saki Akai’s winning streak in the promotion. She came close to beating Yamashita with a European Clutch, 2nd Rope Senton and even her trust Northern Lights Suplex but it was not enough. Yamashita hit back with the Attitude Adjustment and Brazilian Kicks. Nakajima wouldn’t stay down until Yamashita hit the Crash Rabbit Heat to become the first champion! Yamashita admitted she was becoming jealous of Nakajima but that helped make her stronger. She is happy to have fought her in a match as special as this. She said their first show in Korakuen was a success and everyone wants to run the venue again and again until they can run bigger venues and become the biggest women’s wrestling company in Japan.


Trouble has been brewing between Saki Akamiya and Akane Miura. Saki Akai’s dark alter ego and her partner in crime Hyper Misao (is it a crime when a super hero is involved?) ended up picking a fight with Poison Sawada JULIE, causing JULIE to take Miura under his wing. Sawada and Akamiya had a confrontation on the entrance stage when the show began but Miura did not appear until it was time for their match. When she appeared she had transformed into Poison Miura! She copied Sawada’s snake magic poses, rattling noises included. Sawada used his magic to freeze Akamiya during the match. Hyper Misao tried to stop him but ultimately failed. Another snake magic spell stopped Akamiya from hitting her finisher and Miura put her down with a Rock Bottom and the Lariat. Sawada claimed victory over Akamiya and said he will remodel her. First, she will be renamed Poison Saki Akamiya!


All of a sudden the famous ring announcer Kero Tanaka entered the ring begging Sawada to stop! He knew that deep down inside Poison Sawada JULIE was the New Japan trainee he knew all those years ago, Atsuo Sawada. He then used a hand mirror to block Sawada’s spell from hitting Akamiya. Sawada stopped when he realised it was Tanaka. He warned that his goal is to transform Tokyo Joshi into Snake Joshi and then left with Miura. Tanaka told Akamiya that she cannot defeat Sawada’s snake magic in her current state and will need to undergo special training to become stronger.


Ai Shimizu seems to have adopted a ninja gimmick if her new costume and finishing move is anything to go by.


Yuka Sakazaki did not know anything about Candice LeRae before their match but she literally brought out the big gun for her opponent. She carried a bazooka to the ring but the referee stopped her from using it. She and LeRae fought up to the stage where LeRae placed Sakazaki onto a pallet truck and pushed her into a pile of balloons. Back in the ring LeRae grabbed the win with the Ball Plex. She praised Tokyo Joshi for their training regime and thinks it will become a bigger company. Sakazaki is convinced she would have won if she got to use the bazooka.


Erin was ready to play the grumpy veteran role for Marika Kobashi’s debut match but it backfired when Kobashi trapped her in the corner and unleashed the Machine Gun Chops! There were loud “Kobashi!” chants for that moment. Her tag partner Rika Tatsumi was able to score a rare win at the end.


The 3 Way Match got lewd at points. Hyper Misao felt like the odd girl out when Nonoko and MIZUHO fought a battle between tits and ass. Nonoko was the last one standing when she pinned both Misao and MIZUHO at the same time.


The opening match could not have paired two women more different than each other. Nodoka Onesan was dressed in colourful clothing and looked like someone out of a pre-school TV show. Yu’s entrance began with the intro theme of Terminator 2 and switched to “Ikusa” by Wagakki Band. Save for a Suplex at the beginning, Onesan was outmatched and overpowered by Yu’s Judo ability. In the post-match interview Yu pointed out Yamashita and Nakajima as the seniors she most wants to beat.


Four more trainees introduced themselves at the beginning of the show. Yuki looks up to Cherry, Maho wants to follow in Akane Miura’s footsteps (probably without the snake magic stuff), Hinako just recently discovered pro wrestling and wants to try it out and Alice wants to be both a wrestler and an idol. They each passed an audition to find new rookies.

Chikage Kiba was in attendance and joined the others in the ring during the show closing speech. She currently has no plans to return to wrestling.


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