Osaka Oyodo Community Center
258 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Atsushi Maruyama & Tsutomu Oosugi defeated Daichi Kazato & Hi69 when Oosugi pinned Kazato with the Tsuki No Ishii (11:24).
2. Kikutaro defeated Ryu Gouma with a DDT (9:13).
3. Kazuaki Mihara & Koji Iwamoto defeated Hiroshi Fukuda & SAGAT when Mihara submitted SAGAT with a Camel Clutch (11:02).
4. HUB defeated Ryota Nakatsu with the Deadly Poison HUB Air Strike (12:30).
5. FUMA & HAYATA defeated Takumi Tsukamoto & Yusuke Kubo when FUMA pinned Kubo with the HEAVY METAL ANTHEM (17:11).
6. Isami Kodaka defeated Ryuichi Sekine with the Isamuashi Zan (17:05).

It took a while for Isami Kodaka to say anything after his match with Ryuichi Sekine. Finally he said “Tough.” Sekine could only muster up enough energy to say thanks. Kodaka said BASARA is still small but it is quickly growing with a show in Osaka already under its belt. They will light a fire in Japan and they will do a rematch in Japan!

FUMA continues to preach about heavy metal. Why did his team win? Because they came out to “Painkiller” by Judas Priest. Why did he pin Yusuke Kubo? Because he has heavy metal in his soul and it makes him the best in head banging. He offered to help Kubo find his heavy metal self and join his heavy metal band like Madoka and HAYATA have. Kubo said that despite losing every match in BASARA so far he has been reborn. But he admits something is missing, his losses prove that. He has a match with Shiori Asahi coming up in March. Asahi is the current Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Champion so Kubo will challenge him for the belt! FUMA will keep an eye on that match,

Hiroshi Fukuda has learned how to sooth SAGAT’s violent behaviour enough for them to work as a team. He tried to translate his grunts for the audience. Apparently SAGAT thanked the fans for coming to the show but that’s all Fukuda could translate.

Ryu Gouma tried to get Kikutaro disqualified for using foul and abusive language. Kikutaro DDT’d him onto his statute book.


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