150 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. 3 Way Match: Yuu defeated Azusa Takigawa and Nodoka Onesan when Yuu submitted Takigawa with a Heel Hold and Nodoka with a Modified Armlock at the same time (4:12).
2. Poison Miura (w/ Poison Sawada JULIE) defeated Hyper Misao with a Rock Bottom (6:25).
3. Poison KANNA (w/ Poison Sawada JULIE) defeated Saki Akamiya with the Poison Serpent (8:14).
4. Nonoko, Ai Shimizu & Rika Tatsumi defeated Miyu Yamashita, Syoko Nakajima & Yuka Sakazaki when Nonoko pinned Yamashita with the Pai Fly Flow (14:29).

Miyu Yamashita’s title reign is in peril when she was pinned by her upcoming challenger Nonoko in the main event. The size difference was too much for Yamashita to handle and she was literally bouncing off of Nonoko at one point. Nonoko countered the Crash Rabbit Heat with a Body Block called the K Cup Oppai Launch. Nonoko hit the Boinemaker and then the Pai Fly Flow to pick up the victory. Nonoko said 13th March will be a historic day for Tokyo Joshi Pro because that is when she will beat Yamashita for the Tokyo Princess Of Princess Title. From that day forth the legend of big breasted Nonoko the permanent champion will begin!

Poison Sawada JULIE went into the show swearing he will brainwash two people into joining Snake World Joshi. Saki Akamiya and Hyper Misao (now known as Sukeban-gun) were joined by Mitsuya Nagai for their matches. Nagai had been training both of them in preparation of the war with JULIE’s army. First up was Misao Vs Poison Miura. Misao tried her best but Miura overpowered her quite easily. Akamiya Vs Poison KANNA took place afterwards and this time the match was more in Sukeban-gun’s favour. Akamiya had KANNA beaten with the Two Stage Face Kick until the rattling sound of JULIE’s snake magic could be heard. Suddenly Nagai’s arm raised high and shook to the sound of the rattle. He was brainwashed! Nagai put Akamiya in a Choke Hold until KANNA recovered and hit the Poison Serpent for the three count. JULIE introduced everyone to Snake World’s newest member Mitsuya Hebigai! Now it was Akamiya’s turn to join. Sanshiro Takagi ran out for the rescue and used snake repel spray to run off JULIE and his cronies. JULIE threw out a challenge for 13th March for a final battle between Sukeban-gun and Snake Magic Joshi. It will be Akamiya & Misao with Takagi in their corner against Miura & KANNA with JULIE in their corner. However Takagi said he will be busy that day working at the annual Gorgeous Matsuno produced DDT event in Fukushima. Luckily he knows someone who can take his place, Tokyo Joshi’s GM Tetsuya Koda! Koda wasn’t sure of the decision and fretted that he was not a wrestler. Akamiya had to slap him across the face to calm him down.


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