Ibushi Announces Return, Creates Ibushi Wrestling Institute


A press conference was held inside DDT’s new Shinjuku office this morning and it was all about Kota Ibushi. He’s been away from the public eye ever since October when a suspected herniated cervical disc put him out of action. Barring a tweet here and there, things were quiet from his end until today. He was at the conference along with DDT President Sanshiro Takagi & GM Amon Tsurumi to make a few announcements. First Ibushi’s dual contract with DDT and New Japan Pro Wrestling has been cancelled. Ibushi’s injury turned out to be lumbar spondylolisthesis and he is on track to making a full recovery. He was given the OK by his doctor to return to pro wrestling but personally feels he has hit his physical limit. The schedule he had for the last two years working for two companies at the same time has taken its toll. He now thinks it is time for him to pursue a new kind of pro wrestling separate from either company. So he is now graduating from DDT and New Japan to launch the Ibushi Wrestling Institute. What that is exactly Ibushi hasn’t said but he will give us more details eventually. He is the only member of the Institute and he himself does not know if he will invite anyone else to join.

It looks like Ibushi will still wrestle for DDT and New Japan eventually but as a representative of Ibushi Wrestling Institute. NJPW President Naoki Sugibayashi released a statement saying he looks forward to working with Ibushi again in the future. Ibushi’s return match will take place at “JUDGEMENT 2016 ~DDT 19th ANNIVERSARY~” in Sumo Hall on 21st March. He and Gota Ihashi will be added to the Falls Count Anywhere Weapon Treasure Hunt Match turning it into a 3 Way Tag against Sanshiro Takagi & Jun Kasai and KENSO & Michael Nakazawa. It will be the first time Ibushi will be in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at Sumo Hall. That and getting to wrestle both Takagi and Nakazawa again are why Ibushi was put into the match.


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