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1. Special Tag Match: Shuichiro Katsumura & Chikara defeated Shibata & Mitomi Masayuki by TKO when Katsumura used the Choke Sleeper on Masayuki (9:05).
2. World’s Strongest Phantom Rumble ~Bracken Of The Living Dead~: Potato Head Sera wins when he entered with nobody left in the ring (28:30).
Order Of Elimination: Atsushi Maruyama, Choun-Shiryu, Hong Kong Domestic Police Man, Fake Hong Kong International Police Man, Hong Kong International Police Man, Hong Kong International Women’s Police Man, Mac Imanari, Lions Mask, Miss Goat, Mushuku No “Sekiko”, Mr. Jujitsu, Scheiner Man. Even
3. Special Dream Match: Viper defeated Yumehito Imanari with the Viper Bomb (9:10).
4. Ganpuro Vs Tomodachi-gun: Ken Ohka, Shota & Shinichiro Tominaga defeated Minoru Fujita, Madoka & Yukihiro Abe when Tominaga pinned Abe with the JK (16:25).

The battle for Yukihiro Abe continued in the main event. Tomodachi-gun fought dirty and used referee distractions to their advantage but Ken Ohka kept trying to convince Abe to come to his senses. The distraction allowed Shinichiro Tominaga to catch Abe off guard and hit the JK for the win. Ohka and Minoru Fujita used Abe in a tug of was afterwards but Ohka let go when he realised he was hurting him. Tominaga introduced himself to Fujita as the KAIENTAI Killer because he hates KAIENTAI! He challenged Fujita to a match but Shuichiro Katsumura also demanded to be in the ring with Fujita. It was brought up that Ganbare☆Wrestling is holding two shows in one day on 23rd April. Fujita said he will fight Tominaga on the afternoon show and then Katsumura in a tag match on the evening show. Ohka nominated himself as Katsumura’s tag partner.

Yumehito Imanari wanted to start off his match with Viper on friendly terms so he tried to hug her. Viper refused to let it happen and the match quickly went outside the ring. Viper lifted up Imanari and gave him a Torture Rack by the ring entrance. In the ring she gave him a Bearhug and a Figure 4 Necklock. Imanari’s emotions switched between joy and terror. When Imanari was on the attack he tried a German Suplex but was crushed under Viper’s weight. Despite suffering defeat, Imanari was fine with what happened in the match.

The World’s Strongest Phantom Rumble was filled with oddities and other silly looking wrestlers. Many were just the same four or five wrestlers wearing different costumes including Yumehito Imanari dressed as Superman and somebody in a Spiderman costume. Even J-Soul Pandita III IV got in on the act a few times. Due to a couple of double eliminations and self eliminations the ring was empty when the final entrant Potato Head Sera entered so she was declared the winner. Sera then revealed her real identity, she is Risa Sera from Ice Ribbon.

Enjo-gun entered the ring to the Darth Vader theme song and called themselves the Darth Vader of pro wrestling. They then had an argument with Chikara over Darth Vader. Chikara & Shuichiro Katsumura won the match but brawled with Enjo-gun afterwards.


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