DDT “MAX BUMP 2016” Results


DDT “MAX BUMP 2016”, 24/04/2016
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,633 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. King Of Dark Title – 3 Way Match: Hoshitango (c) defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga and Gota Ihashi when Hoshitango pinned Ihashi with the Midnight Buenos Aires (5:28).
*Hoshitango passes D1. Gota Ihashi becomes the 15th King Of Dark Champion.
1. Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Jiro Kuroshio defeated Shunma Katsumata, Kouki Iwasaki & Guanchulo when Owashi pinned Guanchulo with La Magistral Cradle (5:43).
2. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Saki Akai & Makoto Oishi defeated LiLiCo (c) & Mizuki Watase when Akai pinned LiLiCo after a Sleeper Hold (8:33).
*Saki Akai becomes the 1,072nd champion.
3. Antonio Honda, Hiroshi Fukuda & Eddie French defeated Danshoku Dino, Soma Takao & Mao Inoue when Honda pinned Inoue with the Diving Fist Drop (7:22).
4. KO-D Tag Team Titles Next Challenger Decision 3 Way Match: Akito & Yasu Urano defeated Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie and Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi when Akito pinned Ishii with the Hanamasa (9:46).
5. DDT Extreme Title – Ultimate CCC Match: Super Sasadango Machine (c) defeated Kazuki Hirata with the Vertical Drop Lehmann Shock onto a chair (7:21).
*V2 for Super Sasadango Machine.
6. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sasaki & Shuji Ishikawa (c) defeated Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo when Sasaki submitted Takeshita with the Cross Facelock (15:22).
*V2 for Daisuke Sasaki & Shuji Ishikawa.
7. KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) defeated Kazusada Higuchi with the Somato (18:58).
– KO-D Openweight Title: Daisuke Sasaki defeated HARASHIMA (c) with La Mistica Cross Facelock (1:45).
*HARASHIMA fails in V3. Daisuke Sasaki cashes in his Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract. Daisuke Sasaki becomes the 57th KO-D Openweight Champion!


There is a new ruler of DDT but it isn’t Kazusada Higuchi. It’s Daisuke Sasaki! A Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract was cashed in after the main event in which an exhausted HARASHIMA defeated Higuchi. The match between HARASHIMA and Higuchi was tense but respect was shown from both sides. HARASHIMA targeted Higuchi’s legs but an alternate tactic of bashing Higuchi’s head into the ring post had no effect on the challenger. Instead Higuchi picked up HARASHIMA and rammed his back into the ring post. Higuchi applied an Iron Claw back in the ring but HARASHIMA fought out of it and hit the John Woo Dropkick into the turnbuckles. He unleashed his arsenal of kicks and was able to lift Higuchi up for the Falcon Arrow. Higuchi fought back with Headbutts and a big Doctor Bomb. He was a fraction away from the three count but HARASHIMA somehow kicked out! HARASHIMA avoided the Goten and was set up for the Somato but Higuchi stopped him with a Lariat. HARASHIMA kicked out Higuchi’s left leg and hit an Enzuigiri when Higuchi was brought down to his knees. He then hit the Somato to the back, a Buzzsaw Kick and then another Somato and that was enough to put the big man down and out.


There was no time for anyone to catch their breath when Daisuke Sasaki & Shuji Ishikawa rushed the ring! Ishikawa attacked HARASHIMA’s seconds and then removed Higuchi from the ring. Sasaki told Amon Tsurumi that HARASHIMA is in a weak state so he will now cash in his Right To Challenge Contract for an immediate KO-D Openweight Title match! The bell rang and Sasaki jumped at the champion. HARASHIMA shocked Sasaki by hitting a Reverse Hurricanrana and the Somato but Sasaki kicked out of the pin and locked in the Cross Facelock. HARASHIMA escaped the hold but Sasaki caught him with his flash Hurricanrana. HARASHIMA kicked out but Sasaki then performed his La Mistica variation of the Cross Facelock. This time HARASHIMA had nowhere to go and he fainted while in the move. Yukinori Matsui called for the bell meaning Sasaki is now the new KO-D Champion!


The defeated HARASHIMA had barely left the ring when Yukio Sakaguchi appeared and stood face to face with Sasaki. He said he wasn’t going to copy Sasaki’s dirty plan because his principles are different. Instead he is sticking to his promise to cash in his Right To Challenge Contract for a regular title match in Sapporo on 8th May. He left the ring allowing Sasaki to celebrate his new found dominance of DDT. He may be small but he has a big attitude. He is now a double champion and he claims it’s all because of his talent and charisma.


Sasaki’s scheduled match was the KO-D Tag Team Title defence with Shuji Ishikawa against the former champions Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo. There was no love lost between the two teams as the champions attacked the challengers to kickstart the match. A brawl outside the ring left Takeshita & Endo in a bad state but some big risks began to pay off. Takeshita dove out of the ring onto the champions with a No Touch Topé. He later Superplexed Sasaki into Ishikawa! But it all fell apart when Sasaki escaped from Endo’s Torture Rack Bomb and a follow up Lariat from Endo hit Takeshita instead. Sasaki capitalised by putting Takeshita in the Cross Facelock and changing it to a modified stretch until Takeshita could take no more. The champions were confronted by their next challengers Akito & Yasu Urano. Urano told them he knows their weakness.


The latest DDT Extreme Title defence took place in an Ultimate CCC Match. CCC stands for Chair And Chair And Chair. Super Sasadango Machine was inspired to create this match when Kazuki Hirata got angry over him breaking a chair at the Nagaoka show last week. When one of three Ultimate CCC cards came into play then Sasadango’s seconds at ringside would bring chairs into the ring and they would be legal to use. One of the chairs turned out to be a beanbag chair and Sasadango drove Hirata into it with the Lehmann Shock. That didn’t do much damage. Hirata took control and used the chairs as part of his dance act. This allowed Sasadango to recover and give Hirata the Lehman Shock onto a pile of chairs to win the match.


Sasadango was told that his next title shot is happening on 29th May. Sasadango said he doesn’t want to wrestle, he instead wants to fight somebody from Yahoo! Suddenly the unconscious body of LiLiCo was brought out to the ring on a stretcher. The shock of losing the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title earlier in the show put her into a deep sleep and only the power of love could wake her up. Mizuki Watase kissed LiLiCo and she awoke! She screamed that she has risen from Hell and she will bite more and more into DDT until she becomes a champion again. Sasadango took that as a challenge and accepted it.


New challengers for the KO-D Tag Team Titles were declared in a 3 Way Match but the aftermath turned out to be the bigger story. Akito & Yasu Urano got the win and will get their title shot in Nagoya on 15th May. But the losing team in the match was Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie. When the match was over a defeated Ishii spoke into the mic and said Team Drift is breaking up! The audience was left stunned as Drift left the ring after their bombshell announcement.


Danshoku Dino targeted Takao throughout the third match but Eddie French was there to hold him back. That was until French decided to throw him aside giving Dino the chance to chase after Takao and give him a Lip Lock. Antonio Honda cleared house with the Bionic Elbow and won the match with the Diving Fist Drop on Mic Inoue.


Saki Akai has finally achieved her goal to regain the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title and gain revenge on LiLiCo in the process. The two wanted to fight each other straight away although their respective tag partners Makoto Oishi and Mizuki Watase stepped in to make sure the action between the women wouldn’t go out of control. It all went wrong for LiLiCo when a Running Elbow hit Inoue by accident. Akai grabbed LiLiCo and rendered her unconscious with a Sleeper Hold. Instead of keeping the hold locked Akai decided to go for a pin and she got the three count to become the new champion! LiLiCo was put into such a deep sleep she had to be stretchered away from ringside with Watase worriedly chasing after her. In a backstage interview Akai called herself the New Generation Iron Man Princess. This time she’s ready to take on anybody, anytime, anywhere.


The mystery wrestler in Match #1 came from WRESTLE-1. The pretty boy known as Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio milked his entrance for all that it was worth, walking through the crowds and getting them to chant his name to the music. His antics won over the crowd and he received a loud “Ikemen!” chant after the match. Backstage both Sanshiro Takagi and Toru Owashi agreed that Kuroshio is ten times better than their usual partner Kazuki Hirata. Kuroshio will return on the 11th May DNA show.


Gota Ihashi is being sent back to where he came from, the pre-show. He is now a 5 time King Of Dark Champion. Poor bastard.

The Great Kabuki will appear at “PETER PAN 2016” in Sumo Hall on 28th August.

DDT will hold a show in Katsuragi, Nara on 30th July. Katsuragi is known as the birthplace of sumo wrestling. The mayor of Katsuragi sent a video message welcoming DDT to the city.

This year’s Beer Garden week is changing venue. It will now be held in Shinjuku FACE with a show everyday from 8th to 13th August.


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