112 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Goddess Of Ganpuro, Advent: Kem Ohka defeated Ai Shimizu by TKO with a Half Crab (6:10).
2. III’s Vs Enjo-gun: Mitomi Masayuki & Rainbow Kawamura defeated Chikara & J-Soul Pandita III IV when Masayuki pinned Pandita with the Shota Certified Power Plant (9:44).
3. Through A Time Of Three Years, Again!: Osamu Namiguchi defeated Yumehito Imanari with the Lanakila-X (9:46).
4. Shota And Abe, In A Stationary Darkness: Madoka & Yukihiro Abe defeated Ken Ohka & Shota when Abe pinned Shota after a Face Kick from Madoka (12:34).
5. Yutori Generation X Vs Black Jack Of The Rubbish Heap: Minoru Fujita defeated Shinichiro Tominaga with the Reverse Viper Hold (19:17).

Ganbare☆Wrestling held two shows in one day to celebrates its third anniversary. In the first show Shinichiro Tominaga stepped up to face Tomodachi-gun leader Minoru Fujita. Tominaga had an uphill battle ahead of him but was close to winning the match when he hit the JK. Unfortunately Fujita ducked a Lariat, pulled Tominaga down to the mat and applied the Reverse Viper Hold to make him submit. Fujita said the match was good preparation for the evening show and that Rubbish Heap★Wrestling will be immortal forever! Fujita then took out his Best Microphone diploma from this year’s Dramatic Awards. He offered a deal with Ken Ohka. If Ohka’s team wins the main event of the evening show then he will be given the Best Microphone Award. But if Fujita’s team wins he takes Ohka’s entrance song “BAD COMMUNICATION” by B’z! Ohka rejected the proposal but Fujita then asked if Ohka has permission from B’z to use the song. Ohka does not. He accepted the stipulation.

Tomodachi-gun cheated to win the semi-main event. Madoka distracted the referee so Yukihiro Abe could attack Shota with a foreign object. Madoka then hit a High Face Kick to Shota while Abe got rid of the evidence. Abe was the legal man so he got the pin with the referee being none the wiser.

Ken Ohka was Ai Shimizu’s mystery opponent for her first match in Ganpuro. Ohka invited Shimizu to come wrestle in Ganpuro anytime.


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