BASARA “VAJRA 10 ~OSHU HITTO~”, 03/05/2016
Miyagi Yume Messe West Wing Hall
237 Fans

1. Madoka & Yusuke Kubo defeated Shinobu & SAGAT when Madoka pinned SAGAT with the Ranhyei (11:14).
2. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ B Block: FUMA (2) defeated Ryu Gouma (0) by Countout (7:04).
3. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ B Block: Daichi Kazato (4) defeated Takumi Tsukamoto (2) with a Cradle (10:24).
4. LET’S PARTY ~Hiroshi Of Hardcore~: Abdullah Kobayashi defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with the Diving Bakachinga Elbow Drop (12:34).
5. Special Tag Match: Isami Kodaka & Masamune defeated Koji Iwamoto & Masashi Takeda when Kodaka pinned Iwamoto with the Tenha Zeyyari (14:04).
6. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ A Block: Ryota Nakatsu (2) defeated Ryuichi Sekine (2) with the Jumping Cross Armbreaker (17:20).

Block A Standings

1. Isami Kodaka (2)
-. Ryuichi Sekine (2)
-. Ryota Nakatsu (2)
4. Yusuke Kubo (0)
-. SAGAT (0)

Block B Standings

1. Daichi Kazato (4)
2. FUMA (2)
-. Takumi Tsukamoto (2)
4. Hiroshi Fukuda (0)
-. Ryu Gouma (0)

It was an all Cavalry main event in Day 2 of the Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ tournament. Ryuichi Sekine and Ryota Nakatsu had a little friendly argument at the beginning of the show but when the time came it was all serious between them. Nakatsu avoided Sekine’s High Kicks and locked in a Cross Armbreaker to make his stablemate tap out. Nakatsu said fighting Sekine was a painful but interesting experience.

Miyagi wrestler Masamune was the local attraction for this show teaming with Isami Kodaka. Also making his BASARA debut was Masashi Takeda, a former tag partner of Kodaka. After the Masamune said he wasn’t done wrestling in BASARA. Kodaka shook his hand and told the fans to stay tuned for more tag team bouts and even a singles match with Masamune.

There was no messing around for Hiroshi Fukuda when he fought Abdullah Kobayashi in a Hardcore match. He brought out a Singapore cane while Kobayashi carried a paper bag to the ring and took out an Iron Claw. SAGAT helped out Fukuda when he grabbed Kobayashi by the ropes but the plan backfired when Kobayashi ducked a Superman Punch, causing SAGAT to take the hit. Fukuda tried to win with the Perfect Plex onto a chair but it didn’t work. Kobayashi instead gave both Fukuda and SAGAT the Bakachinga Elbow Drop to win. Fukuda laid the blame on SAGAT for the defeat. Kobayashi agreed with him.

In the remaining Heaven Summit matches Daichi Kazato and FUMA both earned points. Kazato is now in the lead of Block B after beating Takumi Tsukamoto. Kazato is now focused on beating FUMA on 13th May. Ever since Union closed he sees their relationship as two brothers fighting with each other. FUMA was happy with his win over Ryu Gouma even though it was by countout. His goal for the league is not just to win but to take over BASARA by force. Gouma’s strategy to win points by countout has not changed even though it isn’t working for him so far.


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