DDT “DNA 16” Results


DDT “DNA 16”, 11/05/2016
Kitazawa Town Hall
225 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Tatsumi Tsukamoto defeated Rekka with a Grounded Manjigatame (8:27).
2. Makoto Oishi defeated Rainbow Kawamura with the Miracle Ecstasy (8:04).
3. KENSO defeated Kouki Iwasaki with the Diving Elbow Drop (10:56).
4. Jiro Kuroshio defeated Mizuki Watase with an Arm Lock (10:32).
5. Team Drift Goodbye Series: Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao defeated Kazusada Higuchi, Guanchulo & Nobuhiro Shimatani when Ishii submitted Shimatani with a Half Crab Hold (14:22).
6. Kota Umeda defeated Shunma Katsumata with the Umeda Driver I (16:55).

He was gone for a month but Kota Umeda came back wanting to fight and live the pro wrestling life. Umeda was absent because he wanted to protect his relatives in Kumamoto after last month’s earthquake. In the main event against Shunma Katsumata he had to deal with his ring rust quickly because his opponent wasn’t going to take it easy on him. The match quickly went outside where Umeda missed Katsumata and kicked the ring post instead. Back inside Umeda avoided the Nebula Storm, hit a High Kick and pinned Katsumata with the Umeda Driver I. Umeda shook hands with Katsumata afterwards. Umeda said there isn’t enough wrestlers in DNA and that the place is more interesting with himself on top.

A nervous Nobuhiro Shimatani had to take Mao Inoue’s spot in the match against Team Drift after Inoue got injured. Keisuke Ishii bent him backwards with a nasty looking Half Crab Hold to win the match. Shimatani admitted he was scared from the pressure. Kazusada Higuchi was frustrated from losing to Drift again but was also encouraged by Umeda and Katsumata’s performance in the main event.

Kouki Iwasaki tried to stand up for DNA against KENSO but was handily defeated by the veteran. KENSO was left standing in the ring disappointed. Was this the best DNA had to offer? He challenged anyone from DNA to prove him wrong. Rainbow Kawamura answered the call. He’s never wrestled in America or Mexico but he’s been to Shinjuku and got the stuff to beat KENSO! Their match takes place on 9th June.

Daiki Shimomura will return to action on the 9th June show. The rookie was injured in his debut match back in March.


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