150 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. ’16 Fighting Satellite☆Battle Prince: Shibata & Eddie French defeated Shuichiro Katsumura & Yumehito Imanari when Shibata submitted Imanari with the Front Sleeper (12:16).
2. Men’s Street!: American Balloon defeated Chikara and Rainbow Kawamura when Balloon pinned Kawamura with the Balloon Sault (6:47).
3. Mars Spector Invasion!: Mars Spector defeated Mitomi Masayuki with a Cross Armbreaker (5:41).
4. Revenge Of The “K”: Hi69 defeated Shinichiro Tominaga with the Michinoku Driver II (16:13).
5. WRESTLE-1 Champion Appears In Ganpuro! ~Circle Of Friends Grows~: Ken Ohka, KAI & Shota defeated Minoru Fujita, Madoka & Yukihiro Abe when Ohka pinned Abe with the Spear Of Flame (17:50).

Thanks to Shota’s connections with WRESTLE-1, Ganbare☆Wrestling welcomed KAI into their home. KAI and Ken Ohka had met before but never been in the same match together. KAI got into it and even changed his entrance music to “BAD COMMUNICATION”. During the main event Ohka still tried to snap Yukihiro Abe out of Minoru Fujita’s brainwashing. KAI emulated Ohka’s Spear Of Flame but missed Abe and hit Ohka by mistake! He made up for it by stopping the pin count and taking out Fujita & Madoka with a Double Lariat. Ohka hit his own Spear Of Flame on Abe for the win.

Ohka thanked KAI for helping him win but Fujita interrupted their celebrations. Fujita made an Elimination Match between Ganpuro and Rubbish Heap☆Wrestling for 16th June. Fujita picked Madoka, Abe, Hi69 and Bambi as his partners. Ohka said he would face all five of them alone but his friends convinced him to let them join his team. Yumehito Imanari and Shinichiro Tominaga are his first picks. Shota also decided to affiliate himself with Ganpuro and joined the team. Ohka thought over his final pick and then it hit him. KAI! He can get KAI to join him! KAI agreed but was then interrupted by Ai Shimizu. She came to the ring cosplaying as Ohka, wearing a Ganpuro shirt and a headband with Ganpuro☆Love written on it. She appealed to join the team. Ohka was touched by her desire and decided to add Shimizu instead of KAI. KAI had no hard feelings over the decision. He admitted WRESTLE-1 wouldn’t have allowed him to compete in the match anyway.

Shinichiro Tominaga and Hi69 argued about K-DOJO during their match. Tominaga insulted Hi69 by saying he is beneath Ryuichi Sekine. When Hi69 won the match he said Tominaga is beneath him. But he also said Tominaga is becoming a good wrestler. Not a strong wrestler, but a good one.

The debuting Mars Spector had a dominant debut against Mitomi Masayuki. Wearing a mask and costume that reminded some people of Super Uchu Power, Spector attacked Masayuki with kicks and didn’t seem badly effected by Masayuki’s moves. A Soccer Ball Kick and Cross Armbreaker won the match for Spector. A worried Shibata yelled for ice while he checked on Masayuki afterwards.


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