Yokohama Radiant Hall
210 Fans – No Vacancy

1. KANNA defeated Azusa Takigawa with the 50$ent (7:22).
2. Nonoko defeated Marika Kobashi with the Dragon Sleepai (6:26).
3. Syoko Nakajima defeated Nodoka-oneesan with the Northern Lights Suplex (8:06).
4. 3 Way Match: Yuu defeated Akane Miura and Hyper Misao when Yuu submitted Misao with the Cross Armbreaker (8:19).
5. TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title: Miyu Yamashita (c) defeated Yuka Sakazaki with a Cradle (15:19).
*V2 for Miyu Yamashita.

In her second TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title defence Miyu Yamashita went up against Yuka Sakazaki. The challenger has been riding a wave of momentum heading into the match thanks to her Osaekomi Backslide. This time Yamashita had the move scouted and countered it with a Buzzsaw Kick. With that risk removed Yamashita was able to beat Sakazaki. Yamashita says she wants to fight more strong challengers so she can grow as the champion.

Hyper Misao described the 3 Way Match as a Hero Introductory Test for both Akane Miura and Yuu. She was hoping to find an “ally of justice” and declined to take part because she should not lay her super powered hands on members of the general public. It turned out to be a trick and she tried to get involved only to get knocked aside by her opponents.

The day before this show took place Erin announced she was resigning from Tokyo Joshi Pro. She has been regularly kept out of action with a foot injury. An early return from the first injury only made things worse for her. Another setback happened recently which was when she decided to quit. Erin feels heartbroken over the decision but realises that she is unable to continue wrestling. She thanked the fans for supporting her in the last two years and apologised that it had to end this way.


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