Yokohama Radiant Hall
197 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Hi69 & Daichi Kazato defeated Kazuhiro Tamura & Daisuke Kanehira when Kazato pinned Kanehira with the Explosive Axe Bomber (13:29).
2. Atsushi Maruyama Den 2016 ~Black Ships And The Sword~: Eddie French defeated Atsushi Maruyama and Joey Ryan when French submitted Maruyama with a Tree Of Woe (7:48).
3. Takumi Tsukamoto & Koji Iwamoto defeated FUMA & Madoka when Tsukamoto pinned FUMA with a School Boy (11:33).
4. Abdullah Kobayashi & Takayuki Ueki defeated Hiroshi Fukuda & SAGAT when Kobayashi pinned SAGAT with the Bakachinga Elbow (11:20).
5. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ A Block: Yusuke Kubo (2) defeated Ryota Nakatsu (4) with the Wrist Clutch Goro Suplex (15:18).
6. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ A Block: Ryuichi Sekine (4) defeated Isami Kodaka (4) with the Ryusetsu (20:03).

Block A Standings

1. Isami Kodaka (4)
-. Ryota Nakatsu (4)
-. Ryuichi Sekine (4)
4. Yusuke Kubo (2)
-. SAGAT (0)

Block B Standings

1. FUMA (4)
-. Daichi Kazato (4)
-. Takumi Tsukamoto (4)
4. Hiroshi Fukuda (2)
-. Ryu Gouma (0)

Ryuichi Sekine scored a big victory over Isami Kodaka in their Heaven Summit A Block match. The win halts Kodaka’s win streak and ties both of them with Ryota Nakatsu at the top of the block. Nakatsu’s progress was also stopped when he lost to Yusuke Kubo. This was Yusuke Kubo’s first win of the tournament.

Before Match #4 began the normally beastly SAGAT clearly and politely said he was honoured to wrestle against Abdullah Kobayashi & Takayuki Ueki. Hiroshi Fukuda “translated” that speech and turned it into SAGAT calling them sex crazy low lifes that he will destroy with the SAGAT Torpedo. Ueki had his own Torpedo move to counter SAGAT and the two collided when their partners Dropkicked them into each other. Ueki missed a Diving Headbutt by miles but Kobayashi got the win anyway.

FUMA complained that he kicked out at two when Takumi Tsukamoto pinned him in Match #3. FUMA then blamed the defeat on him still recovering from Manowar’s announcement that they were breaking up. He reminded himself that Manowar’s bass player Joey DeMaio once said “Death to false Metal!” FUMA called Tsukamoto false Metal and they began fighting until they were pulled apart. Tsukamoto told FUMA to get ready for their Heaven Summit match on 10th June.


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