Iron Man Updates, DNA 18, Super Star Lane, Road To Ryogoku

June 30, 2016

If you’ve lost track of the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title’s tour of America, here’s the list of champions since it left Japan up until 25th June. Joey Ryan, Rey Mysterio Jr., Ryan again (Rey fell asleep), Chuck Taylor (won it in a proper wrestling match), Scott Hall (won Rock-Paper-Scissors for the right to pin Chuck), Colt Cabana (officially with the dreaded Trapezius Nerve Hold), Ryan once more, Kikutaro (shitty weight spotter), Laura James (via seduction), Bunny (Laura’s pet cat), Ryan Nemeth (bribed the cat), Taya Valkyrie, John Morrison and now as of 25th June Ricochet. Title changes have been happening daily and videos are uploaded to Joey Ryan’s Twitter account and Youtube page. There are certainly more to come.

DDT “DNA 18”, 01/07/2016
Kitasenju Theatre 1010

1. Rekka Vs Nobuhiro Shimatani
2. Guanchulo Vs Masa Takanashi
3. There Is Heart In Your Character! Let This Be Assessed! This Is Not A Special Single Match: Rainbow Kawamura Vs Kikutaro
4. Kazusada Higuchi & Daiki Shimomura Vs Shunma Katsumata & Kouki Iwasaki
5. Kota Umeda Vs KENSO
6. MAO & Mizuki Watase Vs Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo

Rainbow Kawamura is approaching four months under his current colorful gimmick. He will be assessed by Kikutaro who has been doing weird shit in wrestling for the last 17 years.

BASARA “VAJRA 15 ~50 HUMAN YEARS~”, 03/07/2016
Chikusa Culture Small Theater

1. Daichi Kazato Vs Kazuhiro Tamura
2. Best Phantom Consultation!: Ryu Gouma Vs Kodaka = Pale One
3. Michio Kageyama, Makoto Hasuka & hi69 Vs Ryuichi Sekine, Ryota Nakatsu & Koji Iwamoto
4. Tsukasaga Army Vs Kotetsu Gundan: Takumi Tsukamoto & SAGAT Vs FUMA & Yusuke Kubo
5. Isami Kodaka & Masamune Vs Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Shinya Ishida

Michio Kageyama and Makoto Hasuka are both from Daiwa Entertainment Pro Wrestling.

DDT “SUPER STAR LANE 2016”, 03/07/2016
Hakata Star Lane

1. Miyu Yamashita Triumph Match!: Miyu Yamashita & Syoko Nakajima Vs Saki Akai & Yuka Sakazaki
2. Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata Vs Danshoku Dino, Shigehiro Irie & Yuto Aijima
3. HARASHIMA, Soma Takao & Azul Dragon Vs Yukio Sakaguchi, Masa Takanashi & Kota Umeda
4. Hakata Specialty Special! Wonderful! Survival! 4 Way Match: Tetsuya Endo Vs Keisuke Ishii Vs Kazusada Higuchi Vs Mad Paulie
5. DDT Extreme Title – Stockholm Style Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Death Match: LiLiCo (c) (w/ Mizuki Watase) Vs Makoto Oishi (w/ Batten Burabura)
6. Dick Togo Active Duty Comeback! Special Tag Match: Dick Togo & Antonio Honda Vs Yasu Urano & Guanchulo
7. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sasaki & Shuji Ishikawa (c) Vs Ken Ohka & KAI
8. KO-D Openweight Title: Konosuke Takeshita (c) Vs Yuko Miyamoto
*Yuko Miyamoto will cash in his Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract.

Once Yuko Miyamoto gets his title shot there will be two remaining Right To Challenge contracts in play. Toru Owashi and Kouki Iwasaki currently have them. Owashi has impressively kept hold of his ever since he earned it back in March. He’s just waiting for the right time to use it.

LiLiCo and Mizuki Watase have been training hard for the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Death Match. And by training hard I mean making out in the DDT dojo.

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Miyu Yamashita & Azusa Takigawa Vs Yuka Sakazaki & Yuu
2. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi Vs Makoto Oishi
3. Obi-chan Close Call! 3 Way Match: Antonio Honda Vs Shunma Katsumata Vs Obihiro Sayaka
4. Drop Kick Vs Ebisuko Tavern Entire Surface Of Strife Extra Chapter!: Isami Kodaka & Tetsuya Endo Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki
5. New Beijing Vs Cavalry Special Tag Match: Somato & Yasuura No (w/ Cao Zhang) Vs Ryuichi Sekine & Ryota Nakatsu

Side note, I keep resisting myself from typing Calvary whenever I have to type out Cavalry.

Saitama Kasukabe Hall

1. Reika Saiki & Azusa Takigawa Vs Syoko Nakajima & KANNA
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1A: Nonoko Vs Akane Miura
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1B: Yuka Sakazaki Vs Marika Kobashi
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1C: Yuu Vs Nodoka Onee-san
5. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1D: Miyu Yamashita Vs Hyper Misao

Opponents have now become tag partners in the opener. Reika Saiki faced Azusa Takigawa in her Tokyo Joshi debut.

DDT “ROAD TO RYOGOKU 2016”, 17/07/2016
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Dick Togo Return Second Leg! Special Tag Match: Dick Togo & Yasu Urano Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki
2. Shigehiro Irie Send-off Match: Shigehiro Irie & Yukio Sakaguchi Vs HARASHIMA & Keisuke Ishii

Shigehiro Irie’s final DDT match for now involves his closest allies and rivals. He’s teaming with Yukio Sakaguchi because they rarely if not ever wrestled together on the same side. He’s fighting HARASHIMA because he ultimately wants to surpass him. Keisuke Ishii is also there because of their close ties together in Team Drift. They were champions together but now go their separate ways.

As one of the few remaining Right To Challenge holders, Kouki Iwasaki is in a dangerous position going up against a fresh out of retirement Dick Togo.

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

1. Special 6-Man Tag Team Match: Terry Funk, Sanshiro Takagi & NOSAWA Rongai Vs Great Kabuki, Yukio Sakaguchi & Kota Umeda
2. KO-D Openweight Title: Konosuke Takeshita (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

Shuji Ishikawa’s spot in the main event is guaranteed. However the KO-D Champion could change between now and then. Konosuke Takeshita has other title defences to worry about including any possible Right To Challenge cash ins.

Dick Togo and Reika Saiki are scheduled to wrestle on the show. Shigehiro Irie will not due to his excursion to America.


DDT “DNA 17” Videos

June 29, 2016

DDT “DNA 17”, 09/06/2016
Kitasenju Theatre 1010
123 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Nobuhiro Shimatani Vs Yasu Urano

2. Rekka Vs Eddie French

3. Rainbow Kawamura Vs KENSO

4. Kouki Iwasaki Vs Guanchulo

5. Daiki Shimomura Return Match: Daiki Shimomura Vs Shunma Katsumata

6. Kazusada Higuchi & Kota Umeda Vd Mao Inoue & Mizuki Watase

Shigehiro Irie Planning USA Excursion

June 28, 2016


Shigehiro Irie held a press conference in the DDT’s Shinjuku office today to announce he will be going on an indefinite excursion to America later this month. DDT GM Amon Tsurumi explained that Irie approached him after Sunday’s show requesting the excursion. Tsurumi told him he is needed in DDT and he would be in better company by staying with them instead of travelling overseas. Irie has unique personality that is both intense and cute according to Tsurumi, losing Irie would be a big blow for DDT. However Irie’s intention to go through with the plan convinced Tsurumi to reconsider.

Irie explained his decision to leave. Ever since Team Dream Futures broke up Irie made it his goal to win this year’s King Of DDT tournament as an individual. He put everything into his tournament run but was eliminated in the semi-final by the eventual tournament winner Shuji Ishikawa. Irie was devastated by the loss and had to reexamine his current abilities. If he wants to get stronger as both a wrestler and a human he would have to start training outside of Japan. He admits this is a selfish decision. Irie’s send-off match for DDT takes place on 17th July in Korakuen Hall. He teams with Yukio Sakaguchi to take on HARASHIMA and Keisuke Ishii. Those wrestlers were chosen because Irie has a strong connection with all three of them. Ishii is a close friend and former teammate, HARASHIMA is who Irie wants to ultimately overtake and Sakaguchi is an opponent he doesn’t think he has teamed with before. His date of return hasn’t been decided but DDT confirmed he will miss “PETER PAN 2016” in August.

Irie hasn’t decided what his plans in America are yet. He has not decided where to stay or where to wrestle but he is studying English little by little. He can say the seasons and days of the week in English, also most of the months. He says he likes American wrestling and WCW was his favourite. Tsurumi agrees and said his favourite wrestler was Disco Inferno. Irie said he was hooked when he saw La Parka’s entrance for the first time. Irie joked he will come back to Japan as Disco Inferno. Tsurumi said he would then just be like Kazuki Hirata and it will be better if he comes back as Goldberg. Irie’s goal is to come back having grown as a human being.


June 28, 2016


88 Fans

1. Akane Miura defeated Nodoka Onee-san with a Canadian Backbreaker (4:33).
2. 3 Way Match: Yuka Sakazaki defeated Azusa Takigawa and Yuu when Sakazaki pinned Takigawa with the Osaekomi Backslide (5:55).
3. Syoko Nakajima & KANNA defeated Miyu Yamashita & Hyper Misao when Nakajima pinned Misao with a Running Rider Kick (10:48).

The show was a throwback to earlier Tokyo Joshi Pro events with idol performances and matches taking place on a mat instead of a wrestling ring. Miyu Yamashita described the show as the beginning of a hot summer for Tokyo Joshi.

Reika Saiki & Azusa Takigawa Vs KANNA & Syoko Nakajima was announced for the 9th July show in Kasukabe Hall.


June 26, 2016


Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,691 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. Dark Match: Guanchulo defeated Rekka with the Yeyos Clutch (4:30).
1. Idol Unit NωA Debut Song!: Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata defeated Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO when Owashi pinned Katsumata with La Magistral Cradle (8:20).
2. King Of DDT 2016 – Semi Final: Shuji Ishikawa defeated Shigehiro Irie with the Running Knee Lift (15:50).
3. King Of DDT 2016 – Semi Final: Tetsuya Endo defeated HARASHIMA with a Cradle Cutback (7:15).
4. 4 Way Tag Team Match: Keisuke Ishii & Kouki Iwasaki defeated Daisuke Sasaki & Mad Paulie, KENSO & Gota Ihashi and Soma Takao & Mizuki Watase when Iwasaki pinned Watase with the Leg Capture Suplex (9:46).
*Kouki Iwasaki wins Mizuki Watase’s Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract.
5. Yukio Sakaguchi, Masa Takanashi & Kota Umeda defeated Danshoku Dino, Kazusada Higuchi & Tomomitsu Matsunaga when Sakaguchi pinned Matsunaga with the Right Knee Of God (9:45).
6. Konosuke Takeshita & Antonio Honda defeated Yuko Miyamoto & Yasu Urano when Takeshita pinned Urano with the German Suplex (13:41).
7. King Of DDT 2016 – Final: Shuji Ishikawa defeated Tetsuya Endo with the Giant Slam (23:52).


The Big Dog (no not that one) is this year’s King Of DDT winner! Shuji Ishikawa did his master proud by beating Tetsuya Endo. Now he has a guaranteed spot in the KO-D Openweight Title match main event at “PETER PAN 2016” this August. To get to the final Ishikawa had to beat Shigehiro Irie earlier in the show while Endo defeated HARASHIMA. The two met in the final to continue the feud between Kettaku-chu and Happy Motels. Strength Vs Speed saw Ishikawa Giant Swing Endo into the front row. Ishikawa continued to overwhelm Endo with his size until Endo escaped from the Splash Mountain. Endo hit a Quebrada and Swan Dive Elbow to make things even then locked in a Sleeper Hold. He struggled to lift Ishikawa for the Torture Rack Bomb but eventually did it. He followed up with the Sky Twister Press but Ishikawa kicked out! Ishikawa gave Endo the Fire Thunder but Endo countered the Splash Mountain into a Frankensteiner for a nearfall. Ishikawa regained control and put Endo down with a Knee Lift and a Dragon Suplex. Endo kicked out at one! Ishikawa hit the Splash Mountain. Endo kicked out at two! The crowd were fully behind Endo but it was all for nothing when Ishikawa hit the Giant Slam (Wrist Clutch Angle Slam) and finally got the three count. Ishikawa was given a 1,000,000 yen cash prize from the president of BLACK OUT energy drinks, the sponsor of today’s show. Ishikawa hugged the life out of him. Ishikawa spoke well of both Endo and Irie but was cut off by Daisuke Sasaki. Sasaki bragged about “Adrien” winning the tournament while running down HARASHIMA, Irie and Endo. Especially Endo. He said the KO-D Champion at Sumo Hall will be Daisuke Sasaki…….’s pet, Shuji “Adrien” Ishikawa!


Yuko Miyamoto wasn’t 100% going into his tag team skirmish against Konosuke Takeshita. He had his stomach wrapped in tape. Antonio Honda kept him occupied while Takeshita pinned Yasu Urano with the German Suplex. After the match Takeshita reminded Miyamoto that their KO-D Title match is just one week away. Takeshita wants to make the championship more valuable and beating Miyamoto is one way to do it.


KUDO joined the rest of Shuten-dōji after they won Match #5. They celebrated with a toast. When Yukio Sakaguchi found out he will be in a match with Terry Funk in Sumo Hall this August he had nothing to say. Kota Umeda also tried to keep it cool. He never saw Funk wrestle live but thinks he himself is a suitable choice to wrestle against the legend. Sakaguchi just said he’ll kill him.


Among the chaos in the 4 Way Tag Match, Kouki Iwasaki came out on top for his team with Keisuke Ishii. He also won one of the three active Right To Challenge Contracts. He previously held one back in April but did not hold it for long. He said he will consult with Ishii over when he should cash it in and will keep a close eye on Takeshita Vs Miyamoto next month. He also said it is a great honour to wrestle Dick Togo on the same show.


Endo’s road to the final included a major victory over HARASHIMA. He went in hard from the start, hitting HARASHIMA with a No Touch Dive out of the ring. HARASHIMA picked his spots and cut off Endo during some high risk moments. Endo in turn avoided the Somato and cradled HARASHIMA for a pin. HARASHIMA reversed it but Endo cut him off and pinned him for the surprise three count. HARASHIMA couldn’t believe what happened and admitted he panicked a little. He knows that the only way he can main event Sumo Hall now this summer is to win a Right To Challenge Contract.


In the first King Of DDT semi-final, Irie focused on trying to choke out Ishikawa with the Tazmission. He even at one point gave Ishikawa the Fire Thunder! However Knee Lifts after Knee Lifts took their toll On Irie. He kept kicking out but Ishikawa hit one too many and that was it. Irie was devastated by the loss.


The show kicked off with the debut performance of NωA the wrestling idol group formed by Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & Mao Inoue. As part of this project Inoue introduced himself with a new ring name, MAO. They were ready to perform their first song called “Never Give Up☆I LOVE YOU” when Kazuki Hirata interrupted. He didn’t want to hear their noisy singing. He wants to dance instead and he will fight them for it! As the match between T2Hide and NωA went on “Never Give Up☆I LOVE YOU” played over the sound system and it turned into a dance battle! When it ended Toru Owashi grabbed Katsumata and put him in La Magistral Cradle for the three count. After the match Owashi said he had an important announcement to make. Everyone thought it was going to be his plan to cash in his Right To Challenge Contract. Instead it was a reveal of the musical acts appearing on the “DDT FES 2016” show this November. Sanshiro Takagi warned NωA that their spot on the show was under threat. He challenged them to launch an official Twitter account and gain 50,000 followers if they want to keep their spot.


Guanchulo used an Arm Clutch School Boy called the Yeyos Clutch to pin Rekka in the dark match.

The Muscle Idol Reika Saiki will make her DDT debut at “PETER PAN 2016”. She recently wrestled for Tokyo Joshi Pro. Saiki said she is honoured to wrestle on the big stage and she will do her best on the day to show her full muscle power.

A new match was made for “PETER PAN 2016” and boy is it a doozy. It will be Sanshiro Takagi, Terry Funk & NOSAWA Rongai Vs The Great Kabuki, Yukio Sakaguchi & Kota Umeda!

Dick Togo’s second return match with DDT takes place on the 17th July Korakuen show. He teams with Yasu Urano to take on Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki.

KUDO appeared and showed off the new Ebisuko Tavern T-shirt available exclusively in the restaurant. He said he is on track to recover from his ACL injury but only wants to come back to the ring when he is in perfect condition.

Akito is currently out of action with a broken rib. He is scheduled to return on the 9th July.

DDT ring announcer Rikiya Shindo announced he is transferring over to BASARA.

DDT is teaming up with EVERLAST for a T-shirt collaboration. They are also working with BODY MAKER to release DDT “Dramatic Exercise Series” branded training gear and exercise equipment. There will be HARASHIMA and Saki Akai sauna suits, HARASHIMA push up rollers, an Akai exercise pole, a KUDO power slider and Kazuki Hirata power wrist ball.


June 23, 2016


Shinjuku FACE
437 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Hercules Senga & Tsutomu Oosugi defeated Choun-Shiryu & Puroresu Mania Mask when Oosugi pinned Shiryu with a Jumping Backwards Rolling Cradle (6:00).
2. 99.9 ~Osaka Origin Wrestling Attorney~: Ryu Gouma defeated Atsushi Maruyama and Kikutaro when Gouma pinned Kikutaro after a Chop from Maruyama (8:45).
3. Masamune defeated Daichi Kazato with the Lightning Cutter (13:18).
4. Dance! Ueki 24 Hour Police Contact! Cavalry Big Investigation Aggregate SP: Ryuichi Sekine, Ryota Nakatsu & Koji Iwamoto defeated Brahman Shu, Brahman Kei & Takayuki Ueki when Sekine pinned Ueki with the Ryusetsu (12:08).
5. Hardcore 6-Man Tag Team Match: Takumi Tsukamoto, Hi69 & SAGAT defeated FUMA, Madoka & Yusuke Kubo when SAGAT pinned Kubo with the Gore Grind onto a chair (18:37).
6. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ Final: Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Isami Kodaka with the Perfect Plex (23:41).


In an upset, Hiroshi Fukuda has won the first ever Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ tournament! BASARA’s token American wrestler went against Isami Kodaka with 500,000 yen on the line. Fukuda led the crowd with “USA” chants but had an uphill battle. Kodaka gave him a Brainbuster on the floor and tried to win by countout. Fukuda barely made it back in time. The tables turned when Fukuda rolled away from a Diving Double Knee Drop. Fukuda then applied a Figure Four Leg Lock. Kodaka countered the Perfect Plex into a Reverse Double Armbar. Kodaka hit the Diving Double Knee Drop but Fukuda kicked out. He blocked the Zan Isamuashi and gave Kodaka the Perfect Plex but that also resulted in a nearfall. Kodaka hit the Zeyyari but Fukuda hit back with a Brack Drop. He did one more Perfect Plex and this was the one to put Kodaka away! Fukuda now stands on top of BASARA!


Exhausted after the main event, Kodaka presented Fukuda with the cash prize. Kodaka then announced BASARA will run Korakuen Hall for the first time on 25th December! Fukuda said the bruises covering his body from his match with Daisuke Sekimoto at the first BASARA show were all good for something. He then revealed today is the last day he is Hiroshi Fukuda. From now on he is Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi! He has climbed to the world’s highest level to become BASARA’s strongest foreigner!


SAGAT is becoming a changed man after his experience in Heaven Summit. His face paint is gone, his long hair is now cut into a mohawk and he now wears a one strap singlet under his usual wrestling gear. His progression continued when he got the win in a Hardcore 6-Man Tag Team Match. SAGAT shook Takumi Tsukamoto’s hand after the match and told him he felt lost until he met him. He was so anxious that he couldn’t speak until now. He thanks Tsukamoto for helping him.


The trio of Takayuki Ueki and the Brahman Brothers pulled off a cheap shot on Cavalry when they attacked during a handshake at the start of Match #4. They placed a suitcase in between Ryota Nakatsu’s legs and threw a bowling ball into it. Ueki pulled out his gun but Ryuichi Sekine kicked it out of his hands. Ueki got the gun again and tried to take Cavalry’s stick horses captive. They were rescued and Ueki lost his nerve, begging for forgiveness. Sekine instead gave him the Ryusetsu kick to win the match.


Masamune gave credit to Daichi Kazato for hitting him with a good Axe Bomber.


Ryu Gouma has been paying attention to the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title changes in America that have been appearing on Twitter and Youtube throughout the week. By the time this show took place Kikutaro was the last known champion. So obviously Gouma’s goal was to beat Kikutaro in the 3 Way match and become the new champion. He tried to hit Kikutaro with his statute book but the referee stopped him. What followed was Gouma and the ref both grabbing the book and pulling it away from each other. It ended with the ref accidentally whacking Kikutaro in the head with the book, knocking him out. Atsushi Maruyama then Chopped Gouma in the back of the neck. Gouma fell on top of Kikutaro and Maruyama jumped on top of them for the three count. However the referee ruled that Gouma pinned Kikutaro so he was the winner! Gouma celebrated and asked where the title was. Kikutaro had to explain that he lost the championship to someone else in America before coming home and the video hadn’t been posted online yet.


Puroresu Mask Man entered the ring to The Great Sasuke’s “Separados” theme song. He mimicked the moves of Ultimo Dragon and Tiger Mask. However he was left vulnerable when Tsutomu Oosugi unmasked him during a Hurricanrana attempt. Oosugi capitalised and pinned a distracted Choun-Shiryu.

BASARA Gets Puroresu Mania, DDT & Big Japan Charity Show, Pucker Up Oishi

June 22, 2016

Shinjuku FACE

1. Hercules Senga & Tsutomu Oosugi Vs Choun-Shiryu & Puroresu Mania Mask
2. 99.9 ~Osaka Origin Wrestling Attorney~: Ryu Gouma Vs Atsushi Maruyama Vs Kikutaro
3. Daichi Kazato Vs Masamune
4. Dance! Ueki 24 Hour Police Contact! Cavalry Big Investigation Aggregate SP: Ryuichi Sekine, Ryota Nakatsu & Koji Iwamoto Vs Brahman Shu, Brahman Kei & Takayuki Ueki
5. Hardcore 6-Man Tag Team Match: FUMA, Madoka & Yusuke Kubo Vs Takumi Tsukamoto, Hi69 & SAGAT
6. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ Final: Isami Kodaka Vs Hiroshi Fukuda

A Mexican wrestler called Puroresu Mania Mask is making his way to BASARA. Research indicates that he wrestled for Triple Six in the past and his costume is a mixture of several famous masked wrestlers like Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask and Ultimo Dragon all mashed together.

Kumamoto Sun Road New Town Arcade Special Ring

1. Masashi Takeda & Yasu Urano Vs Masaya Takahashi & Toshiyuki Sakuda
2. Kazusada Higuchi & Mizuki Watase Vs Yoshihisa Uto & Takuya Nomura
3. Abdullah Kobayashi, Kankuro Hoshino & Atsushi Matsuyama Vs Jaki Numazawa, Antonio Honda & Tetsuya Endo
4. Danshoku Dino, Brahman Shu, Brahman Kei & Takayuki Ueki Vs Sanshiro Takagi, Hercules Senga, Tsutomu Oosugi & Kazuki Hirata
5. Ryuji Ito & Kazumi Kikuta Vs HARASHIMA & Yuko Miyamoto
6. Yuji Okabayashi, Konosuke Takeshita & Daichi Hashimoto Vs Daisuke Sekimoto, Hideyoshi Kamitani & Kota Umeda

NPO Kumamoto Wrestling, Big Japan and DDT are holding a special free charity show to raise funds for Kumamoto reconstruction projects. This show is taking place instead of DDT’s originally scheduled event in the city which had to be cancelled due to the recent earthquake damaging the building.

DDT “SUPER STAR LANE 2016”, 03/07/2016
Hakata Star Lane

1. Miyu Yamashita Triumph Match!: Miyu Yamashita & Syoko Nakajima Vs Saki Akai & Yuka Sakazaki
2. DDT Extreme Title – Stockholm Style Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Death Match: LiLiCo (c) (w/ Mizuki Watase) Vs Makoto Oishi (w/ Batten Burabura)
3. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sasaki & Shuji Ishikawa (c) Vs Ken Ohka & KAI
4. Dick Togo Active Duty Comeback! Special Tag Match: Dick Togo & Antonio Honda Vs Yasu Urano & Guanchulo
5. KO-D Openweight Title: Konosuke Takeshita (c) Vs Yuko Miyamoto
*Yuko Miyamoto will cash in his Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract.

Mizuki Watase has finally found a suitable choice for Makoto Oishi’s partner in the Stockholm Style Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Death Match. He originally wanted it to be Oishi’s ex-wife but that plan fell through. Instead he found Batten Burabura, a comedy wrestler who has wrestled for DDT in the past as Batten Tamagawa. The winner of the match needs to kiss their partner for 5 seconds. Watase intentionally picked Burabura so Oishi will have to kiss his ugly, rashed face if he wants to win.