BASARA “VAJRA 12 ~RYOKO KYOTO~”, 10/06/2016
Kitasenju Theatre 1010
120 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ A Block: SAGAT (2) defeated Yusuke Kubo (2) with the Pachiki (11:17).
2. Think About The Troubles Of Foreigners in JAPAN: Ryuichi Sekine, Ryota Nakatsu & Koji Iwamoto defeated Ryu Gouma, Heddi French & Choun-Shiryu when Iwamoto pinned Gouma with the Aloof Art (8:39).
3. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ B Block: Hiroshi Fukuda (4) defeated Daichi Kazato (4) with the Perfect Plex (10:26).
4. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ B Block: FUMA (5) Vs Takumi Tsukamoto (5) ended in a Draw when both were Disqualified (9:24).
5. Special Tag Match: Daisuke Sekimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani defeated Isami Kodaka & Hi69 when Sekimoto pinned Kodaka with the Deadlift German Suplex (17:42).

Block A Standings

1. Isami Kodaka (4)
-. Ryota Nakatsu (4)
-. Ryuichi Sekine (4)
4. Yusuke Kubo (2)
-. SAGAT (2)

Block B Standings

1. FUMA (5)
-. Takumi Tsukamoto (5)
3. Daichi Kazato (4)
-. Hiroshi Fukuda (4)
5. Ryu Gouma (0)

After the main event Isami Kodaka gestured to Daisuke Sekimoto that he wants one more match. Kodaka said he lost to HARASHIMA in DDT and he lost to Sekimoto in Big Japan. It frustrates him but he has BASARA to fight for. He said it is a place for guys like Hi69 to step up. He will continue to fight for now and beyond. He thanked the fans for cheering for him. Oh, and also for cheering Hi69.

There was no love lost between Takumi Tsukamoto and FUMA. Both of them lost their cool and could not be separated. Kyohei Wada couldn’t regain control of the match and disqualified both of them. They were finally kept apart by the other wrestlers at ringside. The match counts as a draw so both of them received a point. However Tsukamoto cannot qualify for the final. That goes to the winner of FUMA Vs Hiroshi Fukuda on Sunday.

In the match between Hiroshi Fukuda and Daichi Kazato, Fukuda kept offering to shake Kazato’s hand. Whenever Kazato reached out to accept it Fukuda lifted his own arm into the air and yelled “Hooooooo!”. Even when Fukuda beat him to keep him out of the final, Kazato saw the funny side and smiled.

Ryu Gouma brought in two “beleaguered foreigners” to help him fight Cavalry. The foreigners turned out to be Heddi French and Choun-Shiryu, making this Shiryu’s BASARA debut. Gouma wanted to help solve his partner’s problems. Cavlry protested Shiryu’s entry into the match and he reminded them he is Chinese. Gouma said the unjust discrimination shown by Cavalry should be solved with legal fighting and the match began. French admitted learning Japanese is difficult. Gouma encouraged him because he was able to say that in Japanese. During the match everyone in Cavalry decided to share their problems with Gouma. Ryota Nakatsu was worried that no one in the audience will go to the Drop Kick Bar after the show. Gouma told him at least two people will. Ryuichi Sekine complained that his liver function is insanely high and he can’t donate blood because of it. Gouma said his problem might involve uric acid so he should take medicine for it. Koji Iwamoto didn’t want to tell anyone his problems. Sekine cut in and said he hates sweet peppers. The match broke down into a brawl and Iwamoto gave his finisher on Gouma onto his statute book to win the match for Cavalry.

In his final match for the Heaven Summit tournament, SAGAT finally grabbed a victory. He beat Yusuke Kubo to end his losing streak and was so happy he hugged the referee down onto the ring mat. With no more matches left in the tournament SAGAT is looking forward to the future. First up is a Hardcore Match against Takumi Tsukamoto this Sunday.


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