Osaka Higashinari Kumin Hall
207 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Kazuaki Mihara & Koji Iwamoto defeated Atsushi Maruyama & Ryu Gouma when Iwamoto pinned Gouma with the Aloof Art (9:38).
2. Naniwa Hardcore Legend ~Emperor Of Sagawa~: Takumi Tsukamoto pinned SAGAT with the Dumping Tiger Suplex onto a chair (8:37).
3. Masamune & Hi69 defeated Daichi Kazato & Tsutomu Oosugi when Masamune submitted Kazato with the Honebami (13:20).
4. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ A Block: Yusuke Kubo (4) defeated Ryuichi Sekine (4) with the Leg Clutch Goro Suplex (13:34).
5. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ B Block: Hiroshi Fukuda (6) defeated FUMA (5) with the Perfect Plex (17:19).
6. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ A Block: Isami Kodaka (6) defeated Ryota Nakatsu (4) with the Isamuashi Zan (16:51).

Block A Standings

1. Isami Kodaka (6)
2. Ryota Nakatsu (4)
-. Ryuichi Sekine (4)
-. Yusuke Kubo (4)
-. SAGAT (2)

Block B Standings

1. Hiroshi Fukuda (6)
2. FUMA (5)
-. Takumi Tsukamoto (5)
4. Daichi Kazato (4)
5. Ryu Gouma (0)

The group stage of Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ are now over and there are two clear block winners. Isami Kodaka and Hiroshi Fukuda will face each other in the final on 23rd June. Kodaka beat Ryota Nakatsu and Fukuda beat FUMA, both matches determined who would have won the blocks. Ryuichi Sekine was also in the running but he suffered an upset defeat to Yusuke Kubo.

Masamune called Kodaka into the ring after Match #3. He asked Kodaka if he was available on 14th August? Masamune will be running a show in Osaka that day and he wants to team with Kodaka to take on Billiken Kid & HUB! With the audience supporting the idea, Kodaka accepted.

Takumi Tsukamoto and SAGAT seem to have bonded after their hardcore match. After the bout Tsukamoto asked SAGAT to say his real feelings instead of having Hiroshi Fukuda speak on his behalf. SAGAT just screamed and grunted into the microphone. Tsukamoto said that was nothing to worry about and shook SAGAT’s hand after. SAGAT was a lot calmer in his post-match interview. He said that while he is still with Fukuda under the team name Hiroshi du Soleil, he is open to change and a possible team with Tsukamoto in the future.

Atsushi Maruyama arrived late to the show, appearing at ringside when it began. He and Ryu Gouma did their in-ring warm ups during the show introductions. Gouma wanted revenge on Koji Iwamoto for damaging his statute book on last Friday’s show. Gouma tried to use his book as a weapon but Kyohei Wada blocked him. That allowed Iwamoto to hit the Aloof Art and get the win for his team.


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