Saitama Wrestle Fighter Museum
142 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Special Single Match: Ken Ohka defeated Chikara with the Spear Of Flame (2:37).
2. Shuichiro Katsumura Imperial Inspection: Dr. Kirico (Takafumi Ito) & American Balloon defeated J-Soul Pandita III IV & Uchu Galaxy Alien Rubbish Heap★Andros when Kirico submitted Andros with a Double Wrist Lock (4:24).
3. Enjo-gun General Vs Veteran Of Mystery: Mars Spector defeated Shibata with the Cross Armbreaker (3:40).
4. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Rubbish Heap★Wrestling BAD COMMUNICATION Contra BAD COMMUNICATION Loser Banishment 10-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Ken Ohka, Yumehito Imanari, Shota, Shinichiro Tominaga & Ai Shimizu defeated Minoru Fujita, Hi69, Madoka, Yukihiro Abe & Bambi (26:16).
4a. Rubbish Heap★Wrestling eliminated Shota by Ring Out (3:06).
4b. Minoru Fujita eliminated Ken Ohka with the Tombstone Piledriver (6:35).
4c. Minoru Fujita eliminated Bambi by Ring Out (10:05).
4d. Yumehito Imanari eliminated Yukihiro Abe with a cradle (14:11).
4e. Minoru Fujita eliminated both Yumehito Imanari and Madoka by Double Ring Out (14:11).
4f. Hi69 eliminated Ai Shimizu with the Transformer Rave (19:58).
4g. Shinichiro Tominaga eliminated Minoru Fujita by Ring Out (22:01).
4h. Shinichiro Tominaga eliminated Hi69 with a Cradle (26:16).
*Rubbish Heap★Wrestling is prohibited from using “BAD COMMUNICATION – ULTRA Pleasure Style” as a theme song. Hi69 is expelled from Ganbare☆Wrestling.

A high stakes main event was the big story surrounding this show. Tomodachi-gun was in charge and Minoru Fujita used his power to make Ken Ohka wrestle twice, first in the opener and then in the main event. All members of the losing team in the main event would be prohibited from using “BAD COMMUNICATION” as their theme song. Also the last wrestler eliminated would be banished from Ganbare☆Wrestling. Shota was the first elimination. Fujita attacked Ohka with a chair until Daisuke Kiso stopped him. Fujita then gave Ohka a Tombstone and Kiso counted a fast 3 count. He then took off his shirt to reveal a Fujita shirt underneath! Bambi was furious at what she saw and turned on Tomodachi-gun. Fujita gave Bambi the Tombstone and threw her out of the ring. Tomodachi-gun then began to fall apart when Madoka accidentally struck Yukihiro Abe resulting in Abe getting pinned. Madoka was then eliminated at the same time as Yumehito Imanari when Fujita Dropkicked both of them off the apron. Ai Shimizu was the next elimination which meant Shinichiro Tominaga was the last Ganpuro wrestler remaining. Against all odds he was able to knock Fujita over the top rope and then counter a Cross Facelock from Hi69 into a Cradle to win the match! Hi69 is now banished from Ganpuro!

Tominaga praised Hi69 as he left ringside. Madoka then argued with Fujita over Fujita eliminating him. Fujita said it wasn’t a betrayal but a sacrifice to help win the match. Madoka pointed out that they still lost and decided to quit Tomodachi-gun! With both Bambi and Madoka gone Fujita went over to Abe to find some comfort. He told Abe that Tomodachi-gun will have to disband but they will have a singles match together next month as part of Abe’s graduation from the group. Abe bowed to Fujita and offered a handshake. He then hit Fujita in the gut and DDT’d him! Defeated and alone in the ring, Fujita asked to speak with Ohka. He talked about his fights with Ohka over the last year and how no matter the situation he put in front of him, Ohka always worked hard. Fujita asked if he was a fool all this time? Ohka gave an emotional response and tearfully told Fujita they can fix their friendship. They can fix it by having a wrestling match on 30th July.

Even with some dirty help from Mitomi Masayuki, Shibata was easily defeated by the Mars Spector. When Shibata knocked over the referee, Masayuki came in and Low Blowed Spector. The mysterious wrestler recovered and got rid of Masayuki with Middle Kicks. He then pounded on Shibata before tapping him out.

Unable to wrestle, Shuichiro Katsumura appeared at the show walking on crutches. His role was to watch a tag match between a former American sumo wrestler, an evil doctor, a 4th generation monster whose father was put down by said evil doctor and an alien that threatened to destroy Earth in 3 minutes. The evil doctor turned out to be Takafumi Ito in disguise. He eventually got rid of the disguise and won the match. Ito then yelled at Katsumura to heal quickly so they can fight.

KAI was unable to appear because of a rib injury so Chikara needed a new opponent. Minoru Fujita made Ken Ohka wrestle him in a bid to tire Ohka out before the main event. Ohka quickly beat Chikara then said KAI Vs Chikara will happen in Ganpuro someday.

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