Fukuyama Big Rose
555 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Kouki Iwasaki defeated Mao Inoue with the Leg Capture Suplex (6:05).
2. Makoto Oishi & Shunma Katsumata defeated Toru Owashi & Gota Ihashi when Oishi pinned Ihashi with a Front Rolling Cradle (7:00).
3. Daisuke Sasaki & Mad Paulie defeated HANZO & Guanchulo when Sasaki pinned Guanchulo with the Vietnam Driver II (11:45).
4. After The King Of DDT 2016 1st Round Petit Special Single Match: Keisuke Ishii defeated Yasu Urano with the High Angle Double Arm DDT (6:38).
5. Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo defeated Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi when Takeshita pinned Takanashi with the German Suplex (10:38).
6. Danshoku Dino & Super Sasadango Machine (w/ Super Sasadango Machinko) defeated Sanshiro Takagi & Kazuki Hirata when Machine pinned Hirata with the Vertical Drop Lehmann Shock (11:33).
7. King Of DDT Special! Hybrid 6-Man Tag Team Match: Soma Takao, Antonio Honda & Kazusada Higuchi defeated HARASHIMA, Shigehiro Irie & Kota Umeda when Takao pinned Umeda with the Gin And Tonic (14:25).

Soma Takao is still getting used to teaming with other wrestlers but since he was able to win that means progress is good.

Saki Akai was at the show for an autograph signing and greeted the fans when the show began. Danshoku Dino & Super Sasadango Machine came out and produced a spare Sasadango mask. They explained that Dino created this mask with a special power. The mask transforms the person wearing it into a Super Sasadango Machine! They put the mask on Akai and lo and behold, she turned into Super Sasadango Machinko! With this new power at their fingertips, the S.S. Machine Gundan can grow in numbers. Machinko reappeared for Dino & Machine’s match later that day. Dino’s influence could be seen when Machinko went around kissing women in the audience during their entrance. Kazuki Hirata saved Akai when he removed her mask and placed his Hirata GO! glasses on her face. Unfortunately Akai was thrown into Dino’s “Hell Gate” and Sasadango went on to beat Hirata. Dino & Machine then fled with their special mask.

Konosuke Takeshita said he and Tetsuya Endo learned a lot from wrestling Jun Akiyama and Yuma Aoyogi in All Japan during the week.

Keisuke Ishii beating Yasu Urano must have meant a lot to Ishii. In the post-match interview he rattled off all the previous times he lost a singles match to Urano in great detail. He said he lost to Urano on 24th January 2009, 23rd December 2011 and 13th October 2012. He didn’t hear what the match time was for today’s victory but he’s in a good mood anyway.


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