Shigehiro Irie Planning USA Excursion


Shigehiro Irie held a press conference in the DDT’s Shinjuku office today to announce he will be going on an indefinite excursion to America later this month. DDT GM Amon Tsurumi explained that Irie approached him after Sunday’s show requesting the excursion. Tsurumi told him he is needed in DDT and he would be in better company by staying with them instead of travelling overseas. Irie has unique personality that is both intense and cute according to Tsurumi, losing Irie would be a big blow for DDT. However Irie’s intention to go through with the plan convinced Tsurumi to reconsider.

Irie explained his decision to leave. Ever since Team Dream Futures broke up Irie made it his goal to win this year’s King Of DDT tournament as an individual. He put everything into his tournament run but was eliminated in the semi-final by the eventual tournament winner Shuji Ishikawa. Irie was devastated by the loss and had to reexamine his current abilities. If he wants to get stronger as both a wrestler and a human he would have to start training outside of Japan. He admits this is a selfish decision. Irie’s send-off match for DDT takes place on 17th July in Korakuen Hall. He teams with Yukio Sakaguchi to take on HARASHIMA and Keisuke Ishii. Those wrestlers were chosen because Irie has a strong connection with all three of them. Ishii is a close friend and former teammate, HARASHIMA is who Irie wants to ultimately overtake and Sakaguchi is an opponent he doesn’t think he has teamed with before. His date of return hasn’t been decided but DDT confirmed he will miss “PETER PAN 2016” in August.

Irie hasn’t decided what his plans in America are yet. He has not decided where to stay or where to wrestle but he is studying English little by little. He can say the seasons and days of the week in English, also most of the months. He says he likes American wrestling and WCW was his favourite. Tsurumi agrees and said his favourite wrestler was Disco Inferno. Irie said he was hooked when he saw La Parka’s entrance for the first time. Irie joked he will come back to Japan as Disco Inferno. Tsurumi said he would then just be like Kazuki Hirata and it will be better if he comes back as Goldberg. Irie’s goal is to come back having grown as a human being.

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