DDT “ROAD TO RYOGOKU 2016” Results


DDT “ROAD TO RYOGOKU 2016”, 17/07/2016
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,536 Fans – No Vacancy

1. That’s Breaking The Rut! Saihai Of Super Talented GM Amon Tsurumi! Special Tag Match: Sanshiro Takagi & KENSO defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Mizuki Watase when KENSO pinned Watase with an Inside Cradle (6:50).
2. Soma Takao & Akito defeated Masahiro Takanashi & Kota Umeda when Takao pinned Umeda with the Gin And Tonic (6:35).
3. Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata, Gota Ihashi, Guanchulo & Cherry defeated Danshoku Dino, Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda, Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Saki Akai when Owashi pinned Machine with La Magistral Cradle (4:47).
4. DAMNATION Vs NωA: Daisuke Sasaki, Shuji Ishikawa & Mad Paulie defeated Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO when Ishikawa pinned Katsumata with the Fire Thunder (8:06).
5. Dick Togo Return Second Leg! Special Tag Match: Dick Togo & Yasu Urano defeated Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki when Togo pinned Iwasaki with the Diving Senton (13:42).
6. Shigehiro Irie Send-off Match: Shigehiro Irie & Yukio Sakaguchi defeated HARASHIMA & Keisuke Ishii when Irie pinned Ishii with the Beast Bomber (13:55).
7. KO-D Openweight Title: Konosuke Takeshita (c) defeated Tetsuya Endo with the German Suplex (24:08).
*V2 for Konosuke Takeshita. Tetsuya Endo cashes in his Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract.


Konosuke Takeshita is still the KO-D Openweight Champion but it came at the cost of losing his best friend and tag team partner. Tetsuya Endo was the latest Right To Challenge holder to get his title shot and threw everything out there. He hit a No Touch Tope and a Swan Dive Elbow but Takeshita yelled at him to attack more. Endo went for the Torture Rack Bomb but it was countered with a Headlock. The Sky Twister Press missed and the two were soon both on their knees trading Elbow Smashes. Endo hit a Flip Piledriver for a nearfall. He later did an Avalanche Hurricanrana but Takeshita used the momentum to roll Endo into a pin for a two count. Takeshita then countered another Hurricanra into a Power Bomb. It finally took two German Suplexes to put Endo away.


Takeshita praised the match they just had and said he wants their generation to liven up DDT. He offered a handshake but was suddenly interrupted by DAMNATION. Unit leader Daisuke Sasaki looked at Endo and asked him if he was tired of being a second class wrestler underneath his friend? He held up a DAMNATION T-shirt and asked if Endo wants to join them. Endo shocked everyone by pushing Takeshita away and accepting the shirt! Sasaki introduced everyone to DAMNATION’s 4th member, Tetsuya Endo!


When DAMNATION left ringside Takeshita was crushed. Ever since Endo won the contract in Hakata, Takeshita wanted nothing more than to have this title match with his friend in Korakuen Hall. If that wasn’t bad enough, “Sandstorm” played over the music system and Toru Owashi came out . The holder of the last active Right To Challenge contract finally decided on the date for his KO-D Title match. Amon Tsurumi stepped in and guessed the date. 23rd July in Yokohama? No, Owashi said that was too soon. How about 13th August in Shinjuku FACE for the last show of Beer Garden week? No, instead Owashi will cash in at the beginning of Beer Garden week on 8th August! Owashi said he waited four months for his title shot because it made him strong and the timing of it means he is guaranteed to go into Sumo Hall as the champion if he wins. And in Sumo Hall he will be so strong it’s scary! Takeshita’s response was that he will beat Owashi with the German Suplex and go on to face Shuji Ishikawa.


Shigehiro Irie bid farewell to DDT and Japan with his final match before his American excursion. Irie couldn’t hold back the tears as he was showered with green tape from the fans. But he still had a match with Yukio Sakaguchi, HARASHIMA and Keisuke Ishii to go through. He hit the Beast Bomber twice on Ishii to win the match for himself & Sakaguchi. Irie bowed to all four sides of the arena to a thunderous applause.


Daisuke Sasaki isn’t happy to see his mentor Dick Togo back in action. Togo won his Korakuen return match and offered to shake hands with Kazusada Higuchi afterwards. Sasaki came out and went to hug Togo but instead gave him a Low Blow. Sasaki called Togo a dickhead and said that his disciple has gotten stronger during his four year absence. Togo tackled Sasaki and punched him over and over until wrestlers and referees came out to stop him. Sasaki gave one of the referees the Michinoku Driver II before leaving the ring. Togo was furious at Sasaki’s actions.


NωA continues to struggle, this time losing to DAMNATION. However help came afterwards in the form of Super Sasadango Machine. Sasadango complimented their musical and dancing talents but noticed a big flaw in their performance. They have no strong business relationships. Their strength in pro wrestling is tied to the strength of their business relationships. Sasadango offered to be their manager and handle all of NωA’s behind the scenes business. He also promised to get them booked on the “DDT FES 2016” show in November.


Toru Owashi successfully defended his Right To Challenge Contract once again, this time in a 10-Person Tag Match. Owashi unmasked Super Sasadango Machine and pinned him with La Magistral Cradle. Danshoku Dino told Owashi after the match that today was the last DDT show in Korakuen Hall before “PETER PAN 2016” so maybe he can finally cash in his title shot. Sanshiro Takagi also pushed for Owashi to do it. Or maybe he could have the contract instead. Owashi slapped Takagi and said he already decided when he will get his title match. Owashi then had to flee from ringside when he was chased by wrestlers begging for the contract.


Masa Takanashi is now wrestling under his real name Masahiro Takanashi plus he got a new entrance song to boot. But his moment in the spotlight was stolen by Soma Takao when Takao pinned Kota Umeda to continue his string of victories. His victory was interrupted by the return of Hikaru Sato! The Hard Hit fighter and former DDT wrestler is now currently the AJPW Jr. Heavyweight Champion and he was recently challenged by Takao to a title match. Sato’s appearance was to announce the date and location of the match. All Japan has allowed the match to take place at “PETER PAN 2016”!


Amon Tsurumi’s bright idea of pairing Sanshiro Takagi & KENSO together as a team caused as much trouble as expected yet still produced results. Before their match began Takagi and KENSO argued over whose entrance song they should use. Daisuke Kiso came up with the solution to use both songs at the same time. During the match Takagi & KENSO collided with missed attacks several times. Takagi decided he had enough to he gave KENSO the Sunflower Bomb onto Mizuki Watase. KENSO stayed on top of Watase so that counted as a pin. After the match KENSO rallied the fans to convince DDT that he should be get a match at “PETER PAN 2016”. The fans booed him and Takagi refused. Tsurumi decided to give KENSO one more opportunity. He’ll fight Takagi at Kasukabe Hall on 6th August and if his performance is good enough he’ll get added to the “PETER PAN 2016” card. Tsurumi then told Takagi to please somehow become a better wrestler!


KUDO gave an important update at the start of the show about his recovery process. He thanked the fans for waiting because he will return to action at “PETER PAN 2016”! He will team with Masahiro Takanashi to take on Yasu Urano & Akito. KUDO told everyone his goal is to start from zero and climb all the way back up to the KO-D Championship!

A big title match for “PETER PAN 2016” on 28th August was announced. Ken Ohka & KAI will defend the KO-D Tag Team Titles against HARASHIMA & Yuko Miyamoto, aka Yankee Smile!

Some new DDT merch is in production. NωA is getting an EVERLAST T-shirt, Saki Akai is getting a GLAM JAM bag and Danshoku Dino is getting a new DVD currently titled “DVD To Change The Friends Of Danshoku Dino To Like Professional Wrestling”.


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