Osaka Okinawa Hall
167 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs OSAKA Joshi Wrestling: Sawako Shimono & Rina Yamashita defeated Mitomi Masayuki & Chikara when Yamashita pinned Masayuki with a Samson Clutch Cutback (8:36).
2. Hybrid☆Ganbare: Takaku Fuke defeated Takafumi Ito with a Cross Armbreaker (10:59).
3. Ganpuro In OSAKA Special Tag Match: Shota & TORU defeated YO-HEY & Shinichiro Tominaga when Shota submitted Tominaga with the Sharpshooter (14:12).
4. Yukihiro Abe Tomodachi-gun Graduation Test: Minoru Fujita defeated Yukihiro Abe with the Tombstone Piledriver (17:42).
5. Ganpuro Hardcore Tag Match: Ken Ohka & Ai Shimizu defeated Yumehito Imanari & Bambi when Ohka pinned Imanari with the Spear Of Flame (12:51).

Each wrestler in the main event brought along a weapon to use in the Hardcore Match. Yumehito Imanari brought a bag of candy to slam his opponents onto, Bambi had her trusty whip, Ai Shimizu carried a kunai and Ken Ohka found a cushion. Needless to say the ring was left in a mess by the end of the match. Ohka Headbutted Imanari, gave him a Brainbuster onto the candy and finished him off with the Spear Of Flame. Ohka was pleased with Ganbare☆Wrestling’s first show in Osaka and marvelled at how far Ganpuro has grown in its 3 years of existence.

Yukihiro Abe got his opportunity to show he was no longer under Minoru Fujita’s control. The former Tomodachi-gun partners held nothing back as they fought each other. Abe reversed a Tombstone Piledriver but Fujita kicked out and succeeded with a second Tombstone to win. Fujita tried to be sympathetic to the Osaka crowd by calling Abe his friend. He claimed he was selfish to split up Tomodachi-gun and it was painful to see how Abe was now all alone. He was responsible for Abe’s growth as a wrestler but he accepts that Abe may not be suitable for the wrestling life. If Abe only wants to wrestle for fun from now on then so be it. Fujita then bid him adieu.


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