USA “SAKABASH AT THE BEACH 2016”, 02/08/2016
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
302 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Miyu Yamashita & Yuka Sakazaki defeated Akane Miura & Azusa Takigawa when Yamashita pinned Takigawa with the Attitude Adjustment (11:43).
1. Shimataniel Bryan defeated Sagawa Joe with the Yes Lock (5:51) (Special Referee: Tsuyoso Michaels).
2. Trans-Am Arm Wrestling Challenge: Kazushi Steiner defeated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi.
2a. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Kazushi Steiner defeated TAKA Nanbei & RENAKI when Steiner submitted Nanbei with the Steiner Recliner (1:27).
3. Royal Rumble: Shimataniel Bryan defeated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi by Ring Out (30:24).
Order Of Elimination: Vince ImcMahon, Tazu Urano, Kyoto Edge, A Kit O, Shane ImcMahon, “Stone Cold” Sekine Ryuichin, Geifuku Dudley, Man Man Kai Kind, Urhino, Hanolek Hogaso, SUMO Rock, KI Punk, Mike Tajiley, Chinsuke Nakamura, The Nishinari Taker, Hara Cena, Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi.



Ultimate Superstars Action took over the second day of Tavern Wrestling’s Drunkers Kingdom series and Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi packed the show with “American” stars. The first one to appear was Ima Naryi who attacked Hiroshi and tried to give him the Twist Of Fate. Hiroshi countered the move into a Spinebuster. Hara Cena then came out and chased Hiroshi towards the Spanish Announce Table. Hiroshi tried to give Cena the Perfect Plex through the table but Cena blocked it. Cena then gave Hiroshi the Attitude Adjustment through the table instead!


The “Broken Heart Boy” Tsuyoso Michaels made a special appearance to officiate a match between Shimataniel Bryan and Sagawa Joe. Bryan led the “Yes!” chants but was had the disadvantage because Michaels kept counting fast or slow in favour for Joe. A bungled attack led to Joe accidentally knocking down Michaels. When he lifted Bryan up for the Muscle Buster, Michaels stood back up and gave Joe the Sweet Chin Music. Bryan then applied the Yes Lock for the tapout victory.


Hiroshi came back out for the second contest of the evening, the Arm Wrestling Challenge. He yelled at the booing fans to shut up and respect him. He challenged anyone to come out but knew they were all chickens. Sirens blared throughout ringside and out came Kazushi Steiner! Hiroshi suddenly came up with an excuse that he had gout and was unable to take pary. Steiner forced him to take part and then he beat Hiroshi in the Arm Wrestling Match. Suddenly TAKA Nanbei & RENAKI came out. TAKA said they were going to kick their ass. RENAKI said “Indeed”. The hit Hiroshi with a Double Dropkick but Steiner easily knocked them down with a Double Clothesline. TAKA tried to do the Michinoku Driver but couldn’t lift him. Steiner Suplexed him and sealed the deal with the Steiner Recliner.


It was now time for the main event, the Royal Rumble! Lilian Garushiro was in attendance to sing “America The Beautiful”. Hiroshi drew unlucky #1 and had to start the match with A Kit O. Entry #3 was “Stone Cold” Sekine Ryuichin out to raise some Hell. #4 was Vince ImcMahon who got in Stone Cold’s face. ImcMahon was given the Stunner and thrown out of the ring. Man Man Kai Kind was out next but was Suplexed and choked out by the entrant after him, Tazu Urano. Kyoto Edge was #7 and he Speared Tazu out of the ring, eliminating him. SUMO Rock entered and he eliminated both A Kit O and Edge.


Hanolek Hogaso came out and after he tore off his vest he had a staredown with Rock. Shane ImcMahon was out to crash the party but he was thrown out by both Rock and Hogaso. Stone Cold was then given the Rock Bottom and Leg Drop before getting eliminated. Entry #11 was Geifuku Dudley but he was out as quickly as he got in. Urinho came out next and he hit Man Man Kai Kind with the Gore. #13 was The Nishinari Taker and he cleared house by getting rid of Man Man Kai Kind, Urhino, Hogaso and Rock. KI Punk fended off Taker but was ambushed by Hiroshi. Punk gave Hiroshi the GTS for his troubles.


Mike Tajiley almost met the same fate but he escaped by spitting Poison Mist at Punk. Hara Cena entered the ring like a house on fire and went toe to toe with Tajiley until Hiroshi snuck in and knocked Tajiley out of the ring.


“The Rising Sun” then blasted out of the music system to mark the entrance of Chinsuke Nakamura! He hit everyone with the Kinshasa while yelling “Iyaao!” Shimataniel Bryan was #18 and once again led “Yes!” chants.


That was cut short when the lights went out and the room went dark. When the lights came back on there was Nerima Sting! He attacked everybody in the ring with his baseball bat except for Hiroshi. He shook Hiroshi’s hand and left the ring so Hiroshi could pick up the pieces.


Taker and Chinsuke were eliminated but Cena skinned the cat. Hiroshi was still able to eliminate Cena afterwards but forgot about Bryan! Hiroshi was in the middle of celebrating when Bryan threw him out of the ring to win the Royal Rumble!


The show ended with TAKA Nanbei & RENAKI coming back out waving the Japanese flag. TAKA said “We are KAIENTAI” in English but Hiroshi incorrectly translated it in Japansese to “We are Cayenne Thailand”.


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