DDT “SAITAMA SLAM! VOL. 13”, 06/08/2016
Saitama Kasukabe Hall
294 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. King Of Dark Title: Yumehito Imanari (c) defeated Chikara with a Samson Clutch (3:54).
*Yumehito Imanari passes D3. Chikara becomes the 17th King Of Dark Champion.
1. Kouki Iwasaki & Mizuki Watase defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Rekka when Iwasaki pinned Rekka with the Leg Capture Suplex (8:00).
2. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles Tournament – Semi Final: Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie defeated Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO when Endo pinned Katsumata with the Dumping Torture Rack Bomb (8:50).
3. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles Tournament – Semi Final: Yukio Sakaguchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Kota Umeda defeated HARASHIMA, Akito & Yasu Urano when Umeda pinned Urano with the Umeda Driver I (16:09).
4. Single Match To Assess If KENSO Can Wrestle At Ryogoku On 28th August: Sanshiro Takagi (2) defeated KENSO (1) by Judges Decision.
4a. KENSO defeated Sanshiro Takagi with the Diving Elbow Drop (1:32).
4b. Sanshiro Takagi defeated KENSO with La Magistral Cradle (3:40).
5. Infomercial Match – Shosen: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi, Kazuki Hirata & Saki Akai (4) defeated Danshoku Dino, Super Sasadango & Gota Ihashi (1).
5a. Board Game Floor ~ 1 Count Fall Rules: Danshoku Dino (1) pinned Hirata (0) with a Lariat (0:02).
5b. Military Floor ~ 2 Count Fall Rules: Saki Akai (1) pinned Super Sasadango Machine (1) with a Hurricanrana (2:54).
5c. Railway Floor ~ Give Up Only Rules: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi (2) submitted Gota Ihashi (1) with a Cross Armbreaker (2:14).
5d. Idol Floor ~ Over The Top Rope Only Rules: Saki Akai (3) defeated Gota Ihashi (1) by Ring Out (2:27).
5e. Wrestling Only Shop ~ Normal Rules: Saki Akai (4) pinned Danshoku Dino (1) with a Diving Body Attack (4:41).
6. Antonio Honda & Mike Bailey defeated Keisuke Ishii & Guanchulo when Bailey pinned Guanchulo with the Shooting Star Double Knee Drop (11:09).
7. Special 4 Way Match: Toru Owashi defeated Konosuke Takeshita, Shuji Ishikawa and Kazusada Higuchi when Owashi pinned Takeshita with an Inside Cradle (10:32).
8. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles Tournament – Final: Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie defeated Yukio Sakaguchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Kota Umeda when Sasaki submitted Umeda with the Modified Cross Facelock (14:54).
*DAMNATION becomes the 26th KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Champions!

After over two months of inactivity we now have new KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Champions! The finals of the tournament took place in Saitama and in the end DAMNATION tore through NωA and Shuten-dōji to claim the belts. Daisuke Sasaki said DAMNATION will continue to overwhelm DDT when Shuji Ishikawa wins the KO-D Openweight Title at Sumo Hall.

The 4 Way Match presented a unique preview of the “PETER PAN 2016” main event. Ishikawa will definitely be facing the KO-D Champion but the champion could be Toru Owashi instead of Konosuke Takeshita. Kazusada Higuchi was also there as a potential wild card. Takeshita looked to have the match won when he weakened Owashi with a Lariat and Blue Thunder Bomb but Owashi caught him by surprise with an Inside Cradle and pinned the champion out of nowhere. Owashi told Takeshita that two days from now the fun will be over when they fight for the KO-D Title.

With Antonio Honda translating for him, Mike Bailey told the audience he isn’t satisfied with his tour yet because he has a lot more to do in Japan. Today’s DDT debut is only the beginning of Mike Bailey. He is anxious to team with Dick Togo at Sumo Hall because to him, Togo is the most successful wrestler in the world.

This months Infomercial Match was sponsored by the book store Shosen. The match would consist of five rounds between the two teams with different rules to represent the different shop floors found in Shosen stores. Round 1 was one count pinfalls. Danshoku Dino immediately pinned Kazuki Hirata. Round 2 was two count pinfalls. Saki Akai tied the score when she pinned Super Sasadango Machine. From there Akai’s team won the remaining rounds. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi submitted Gota Ihashi in Round 3 where submissions were needed to win. Akai kicked Ihashi out of the ring in Round 4 with Over The Top Rope rules. Finally Round 5 was just a normal match and Akai pinned Dino to end the series 4-1 in favour of her team.

KENSO had to fight Sanshiro Takagi in a 5 minute Iron Man Match to earn a spot on the “PETER PAN 2016” card. The match ended 1-1 but regardless of the outcome KENSO’s fate was left in the hands of three judges: DDT staff member Hisaya Imabayashi, Shukan Puroresu’s DDT correspondent Asata Kato and legendary wrestler Mitsuo Momota. The judges’ scorecards were 30-27, 28-30 and 30-2 resulting in a 2-1 victory for Takagi. KENSO complained about the 30-2 score from Momota. Momota straight up told KENSO he doesn’t want to see him wrestle in Sumo Hall! KENSO said he loves the DDT fans and wanted nothing more than to be at “PETER PAN 2016”. Takagi had a change of heart and told KENSO he can wrestle at Sumo Hall. He then told him about the upcoming DDT Dramatic General Election. It is mentally exhausting to campaign for votes but it will prove once and for all what the DDT fans think of KENSO. KENSO said he has experience with elections because he helped his wife Hiroko Suzuki campaign for her seat in the Funabashi City Council. He agreed to enter and is determined to finish first.

Chikara appeared at the start of the show to announce his participation for “PETER PAN 2016”. He is honoured to wrestle in the same building his father Mitsuo Momota wrestled in many times throughout his career. It was decided that while he was here in Kasukabe Hall he will wrestle in an impromptu match. Yumehito Imanari came out complaining that DDT yet again forgot to organise a King Of Dark Title match in advance. Chikara offered his Power Of Dreams friend to be his opponent. Amon Tsurumi excitedly agreed with the idea and made the match there and then. Chikara did his many Chops but Imanari scored the win with a Samson Clutch, meaning Chikara is now the King Of Dark Champion! Chikara was told he will have to fight in the Sumo Hall dark match unless he wins a DDT dark match before then. He’ll have one chance to get rid of the title at the first show of Beer Garden week.


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