Shinjuku FACE
600 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Glove Match: Saki Akai defeated Gota Ihashi by Disqualification when Ihashi took off his tights (R3 3:00) (Special Referee: KUDO)
2. Gatoh Move Rules: Emi Sakura & “Kotori” defeated Masako Takanashi & Cherry when “Kotori” pinned Takanashi with the Morning Star (15:59).
3. Scary Story That Surrounds Yukio Sakaguchi: Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Kouki Iwasaki with the Cobra Clutch (15:45).
Scary Story Order: DJ Nira, Kouki Iwasaki, Soma Takao, Danshoku Dino, Daisuke Kiso, Makoto Oishi.
4. Mike Bailey defeated Kota Umeda with the Shooting Star Double Knee Drop (19:58).

Kota Umeda found it difficult to face his Shuten-dōji brethren after his loss to Mike Bailey. Umeda was frustrated that he lost the main event of his unit’s show. However he will look back on this failure to draw strength and become stronger. The closing call was interrupted by Tomomitsu Matsunaga, Gota Ihashi and Kouki Iwasaki. It was on this day one year ago that the three formed a unit called Pigging 2015 for the DDT Dramatic General Election. The unit came last in the election and was forced to split up as a result. All three members secretly held a grudge ever since and it was now time for revenge! They attacked KUDO and soaked him with water but KUDO hit back with Middle Kicks and Spin Kicks. This was the first time this year that KUDO got to kick people in the ring again and to him it was like he was never gone. Yukio Sakaguchi then knocked out Ihashi with the Right Knee Of God. It was announced afterwards that Pigging 2015 was splitting up again.

One of the highlights of Beer Garden every year is at some point we get a ghost story. This year the goal was to scare Yukio Sakaguchi with a spooky tale. Sakaguchi refused to be involved but was forced by the others to enter the ring. The lights went out and Danshoku Dino took out a flashlight. He shined it over his face and explained the challenge to Sakaguchi. Different wrestlers will enter the ring Royal Rumble style and it’s up to them to scare Sakaguchi with their tales of horror. Sakaguchi will have to pin or submit someone to stop the stories and end the match. DJ Nira snuck up to Sakaguchi and gave him a fright to start the contest. Nira began his story about a summer beach camp but Sakaguchi jumped on him. Kouki Iwasaki was next but his story about the old inn next to the old high school was also cut short. Soma Takao wanted to tell his tale based on a real life experience with a futon but Sakaguchi wanted none of it. At this point Sakaguchi was so scared he was lying down flat on the canvas. Dino then produced pictures of Keisuke Ishii’s parents onto the screen behind them followed by a loud scream. Sakaguchi flipped out and attacked everyone in the ring until Dino caught him in a Lip Lock. Daisuke Kiso was going to count Sakaguchi out but stopped himself because it was his turn to tell a story. His story involved an apartment dweller watching a policeman drag a woman smeared with blood into his car. It ended up scaring everybody in the room. Makoto Oishi was the final entrant but his story was actually just him gossiping about a wrestling buddy who went on a date that ended with a night in a hotel last Christmas Eve. Dino asked what made that a scary story? Oishi said it’s because the woman lied about liking his friend and that’s scary. Sakaguchi finally had enough and put Iwasaki in the Cobra Clutch so he could end the damn contest. Sakaguchi said he probably felt okay after that. He held a toast for the fans but was interrupted by a blackout followed by a distorted video on the screen of a creepy woman saying “Cheers”.

Saki Akai taunted Gota Ihashi before their Glove Match by saying she likes a strong man, so that’s why she asked KUDO to be there as the referee. Despite the size and weight difference, Akai wiped the floor with Ihashi for most of the match. Maybe Ihashi was too enamoured to do anything or maybe it’s his Homer Simpson Syndrome kicking in but he was knocked down over and over. Ihashi tried to clinch Akai when he could. Not to slow down the match but just so he could hug her. He even knocked down KUDO with a punch when he tried to seperate them. Ihashi then Body Slammed Akai and hit a Body Press when KUDO wasn’t looking. He took off his tights but KUDO saw this and disqualified him for his lewd antics. Ihashi knocked him down with another punch but that caused Sakaguchi to come in and hit Ihashi with the Right Knee Of God.


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