Shinjuku FACE
600 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Objectively And Scientifically Determine The Group Leader Match: Shunma Katsumata defeated Makoto Oishi and MAO when Katsumata pinned MAO with the Firebird Splash (6:02).
*Shunma Katsumata is now the leader of NωA.
2. Lariat Pro Vs Knee Pro: Keisuke Ishii & Tanomusaku Toba defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Daiki Shimomura when Ishii pinned Shimomura with a School Boy (12:18).
3. Match With Someone Breaking In Every Few Minutes: Mike Bailey defeated Danshoku Dino with a School Boy (28:41).
Order Of Interference: Kazuki Hirata, Norikazu Fujioka, Hanolek Hogaso, Shon Michaels, A.YAZAWA, Antonio Honda, Norikazu Fujioka.
4. Beer Garden Specialty 5 Way Falls Count Anywhere Match: Megane Fujioka defeated Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda, Mike Bailey, Tanomusaku Toba, Danshoku Dino, Keisuke Ishii, Kazuki Hirata, Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata, MAO and Daiki Shimomura when Fujioka pinned Dino with the Glass Of Megane (14:57).

Day 4 of Beer Garden week had two shows on offer. Danshoku Dino was in charge of the afternoon show. He apologised at the beginning for anything that went wrong but it was all done to make the audience laugh. The main event was supposed to be a 5 Way Falls Count Anywhere Match between Dino, Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda, Mike Bailey and Tanomusaku Toba. When the bell rang “Enter Sandman” began playing and everyone collected full beer cans to drink and smash together while wrestling. As the match went on more and more wrestlers joined in and it eventually became a 12-Man free for all. Everybody ganged up on Dino when he picked on DDT video crew member “Megane” Norikazu Fujioka. Sasadango stopped Dino from doing the Danshoku Driver and gave him a Manhattan Drop instead. NωA gave Dino a Triple Missile Dropkick then Toba gave him a Buzzsaw Kick and then Bailey hit the Shooting Star Double Knee Drop. Dino still got his hands on Fujioka and tried to Power Bomb him. But Fujioka countered it into a Hurricanrana and won the match. “Enter Sandman” played throughout all 15 minutes of the match. Dino said the entire show was put together with unbearably regrettable love. Sasadango agreed and said he was only doing professional wrestling for this moment. Toba said it was great to be in a great match for DDT again since he’s been gone from the company for so long and he hasn’t found anywhere else to go since then.

Dino and Bailey had a match together earlier in the show with the stipulation that there would be a run-in every few minutes. Every wrestler coming down to interfere was allowed to attack Dino or Bailey because they harboured resentment towards them for no reason. The interference was still illegal but the referee would look away whenever it happened. If he doesn’t see it, it didn’t happen! The first run-in came when both Dino and Bailey were knocked out. It was Kazuki Hirata so all he did was do his dance and then leave. Norikazu Fujioka was next and he came out wearing a bra. Dino knocked him out with a Lip Lock. Hanolek Hogaso Hulked up and gave Bailey the Big Boot to help out Dino. However when Hogaso left, Shon Michaels appeared and gave Dino the Sweet Chin Music to even the playing field. When Michaels left A.YAZAWA danced down to the ring. Bailey twisted YAZAWA’s suspenders around so it would choke him. When YAZAWA was gone a tired looking Antonio Honda showed up in his underwear. Dino got rid of him with the Danshoku Driver. Fujioka came back and got on the mic. He wanted everyone to hear what he had to say so he invited the entire locker room to come out. He announced he was getting married! Dino was so shocked by this he was easily rolled into a School Boy by Bailey and the match was over. Everyone celebrated the announcement by holding a toast while wearing pantyhose over their heads. Dino was still frozen in shock at this point.

The Lariat Pro Vs Knee Pro match was filled with you guessed it, Lariats and Knee Strikes. It happened so much that they started playing entrance songs for wrestlers who are known to use such moves from “J” to “Power Hall” to “Sunrise” to “CROWN OF WINNER” to “Iron Man” to “GRAND SWORD” to “SUBCONSCIOUS”. Daiki Shimomura led everyone to do a big “Yeaoh!” shout after the match.

Super Sasadango Machine’s latest idea as manager of NωA was to elect a leader for the idol group. Makoto Oishi disliked the idea and though they were better off as three equals. Shunma Katsumata & MAO thought otherwise and a 3 Way Match to determine the leader went ahead. MAO thought he had it won when he hit the Screw High Kick and went for the pin. But Katsumata dove onto them with the Firebird Splash. MAO rolled out of the way but Katsumata still landed on and pinned Oishi. Sasadango said Katsumata becoming the leader is an interesting surprise.


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