DDT “BEER GARDEN FIGHT 2016 ~DDT DAY~”, 13/08/2016
Shinjuku FACE
600 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO defeated Antonio Honda, Masahiro Takanashi & Kazuki Hirata when Oishi pinned Hirata with the Jikiden Tornado Clutch (10:31).
2. Kota Umeda & Mizuki Watase defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Gota Ihashi when Umeda pinned Ihashi with a Right High Kick (6:20).
3. Daisuke Sasaki defeated Kouki Iwasaki with a Diving Elbow Drop (7:03).
4. Falls Count Anywhere Scramble Bunkhouse 6-Man Tag Team Match: Ken Ohka, KAI & Sanshiro Takagi defeated Yuko Miyamoto, Akito & Yasu Urano when KAI pinned Urano with a Gannosuke Clutch (9:48).
5. New Ghost Story Numabukuro Death Match: Danshoku Dino & Super Sasadango Machine Vs Toru Owashi & Guanchulo ended in a No Contest because “You’re Next!” (20:48).
6. Dick Togo & Mike Bailey defeated Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie when Bailey pinned Endo with the Shooting Star Double Knee Drop (13:57).
7. Beer Garden Specialty Guest Lottery 6-Man Tag Team Match: Konosuke Takeshita, HARASHIMA & Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Shuji Ishikawa, Keisuke Ishii & Kazusada Higuchi when HARASHIMA pinned Ishii with the Somato (14:51).

Last call for orders, today was the finale of Beer Garden 2016 and the last DDT show before “RYOGOKU PETER PAN 2016” takes place in two weeks time. The main event is a tradition for Beer Garden finales, a 6-Man Tag Team match with both teams being decided by a fan lottery. Konosuke Takeshita, Shuji Ishikawa, HARASHIMA, Yukio Sakaguchi, Keisuke Ishii and Kazusada Higuchi were the wrestlers taking part. Six randomly chosen fans got to pick a name out of a box to set up the teams. In the end we got Takeshita, HARASHIMA & Sakaguchi Vs Ishikawa, Ishii & Higuchi as the match. HARASHIMA won the match for his team but afterwards there was a tense staredown between Takeshita and Ishikawa.

Dick Togo & Mike Bailey teamed up for the first time ever to prepare for their match with DAMNATION at Sumo Hall. They got to get in the ring with Tatsuya Endo but he also had Mad Paulie looking over him. Togo was determined to give Endo the Pedigree but Daisuke Sasaki ran in to try and stop him. Togo caught Sasaki in the Crippler Crossface. That left Bailey to hit the Shooting Star Double Knee Drop on Endo for the win. Togo then gave Sasaki the Pedigree and Diving Senton. He and Bailey told Sasaki & Endo they will be waiting for them at Sumo Hall.

Yuko Miyamoto has decided to join Smile Squash for the DDT Dramatic General Election! Miyamoto is teaming with HARASHIMA as Yankee Smile so he feels that being part of the unit for the election makes sense. His first match as a member of Smile Squash was turned into a Falls Count Anywhere Scramble Bunkhouse Match because of Ken Ohka & KAI’s demands. Their friend Shota left a bamboo sword in the ring for everyone to fight over. KAI’s garbage wrestling inspiration continued when he used the Gannosuke Clutch to pin Yasu Urano. KAI told Miyamoto he is determined to keep the KO-D Tag Team Titles and provoked him into attacking Shota with the bamboo sword.

After Match #3 Kouki Iwasaki was approached by Tomomitsu Matsunaga and Gota Ihashi. They asked him if he wanted to reform Pigging with them. Iwasaki declined because he wants to continue wrestling by himself. However Iwasaki reappeared during the Election announcements clearly regretting his decision. He changed his mind and accepted their offer to bring Pigging back to life.

Some other announcements were made about the Dramatic Election. Sanshiro Takagi announced that Soma Takao was the newest member of T2Hide… Also Kazusada Higuchi… And Chikara… Oh and Guanchulo, Rekka, Mizuki Watase, Daiki Shimomura and Nobuhiro Shimatani. So now T2Hide consists of 11 members. Ken Ohka protested his absence from the election but was told it is only open to DDT, DNA and BOYZ this year save for a few exceptions. KAI said he was forming a two man unit and wanted Ohka on his side, so Ohka was accepted into the competition. Their unit is called Bad Comi, short for Bad Communication.

Another ghost story was on the cards but Super Sasadango Machine was feeling a little tired of the idea. It doesn’t help that Hisaya Imabayashi died in a car crash last year and thus wasn’t able to tell his stories anymore. Danshoku Dino wondered if he ever passed down his stories to someone else so the role could move on to a new generation. Saki Akai came out wearing a yukata. She told everyone they had three minutes to win their match otherwise she will tell her ghost story. Three minutes passed and Akai began to read. “Coin locker baby… Credibility… Infertility… Shaku Umaa… Dick-Godzilla…” She had difficulty trying to read the book. Everyone began to complain until Nobuhiro Shimatani ran in with a shocked look on his face. He told everyone that Imabayashi’s identical twin brother Masaya Imabayashi was coming over! Masaya walked out and said he will tell a ghost story to mourn the first anniversary of his brother’s death.

“Coin Locker Baby”. An unmarried 17 year old woman became pregnant and gave birth but had confidence to raise the child on her own. So she abandoned it in a locker at Gotanda Station. Five years later the woman returned to the coin locker. As she stood in front of it she heard a child cry behind her. The woman asked if the child was lost but he just cried louder and louder. She asked where his father was? He still cried. She then asked about his mother? At that moment the child stopped crying and there was silence. The child looked up and told the woman “It’s you!”

Everyone screamed. Dino told Masaya it was a good story but very similar to the one his brother told in Shin-Kiba last year. Masaya flipped out and pointed at Dino, shouting “You!” and making him faint. He then did it to Sasadango, then Guanchulo, then Toru Owashi but stopped at Akai. He said he entrusted Akai with his powers and wanted her to try them out. She pointed at Yukinori Matsui and yelled “You!” over and over but nothing happened. Masaya did it instead and then did it to Akai. Masaya grabbed a bottle of water and splashed it over the audience while “Wild Thing” played over the sound system. Masaya thanked everyone for coming, left an envelope in the ring and told Sasadango to call him if they ever want to do this again. When he left Shimatani came back out with some horrible news. He announced that Masaya Imabayashi had died in a car crash on the way to Shinjuku FACE. Dino opened the envelope that was left in the ring and it simply read “You’re Next!”


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