BASARA “VAJRA 17 WU” Results


BASARA “VAJRA 17 WU”, 30/08/2016
Saitama Wrestle Fighter Museum
87 Fans

1. Hi69 defeated Ryota Nakatsu with the Stuka Splash (9:35).
2. Ryuichi Sekine & Koji Iwamoto defeated Madoka & Yusuke Kubo when Sekine submitted Kubo with the Let’s Combine (11:11).
3. Reverse Wrestling Court: Gouma Ryu defeated MC.33 and Atsushi Maruyama when Ryu pinned Maruyama with the Not Guilty (14:01).
4. HEAVY METAL vs BEST STRETCH: FUMA & Jaki Numazawa defeated Daichi Kazato & Tsutomu Oosugi when FUMA pinned Kazato with the Heavy Metal Anthem (13:05).
5. Triangle Basara: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi defeated Takumi Tsukamoto and SAGAT when Hiroshi pinned SAGAT with the Perfect Plex (10:49).

Although Takumi Tsukamoto and SAGAT are a tag team in BASARA, it was every man for himself in the 3 Way Match with Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi. Well, kind of. As the match progressed Tsukamoto and Hiroshi started fighting each other over who gets to have SAGAT. Hiroshi said SAGAT is his pet but Tsukamoto responded that SAGAT is his buddy. SAGAT escaped the Perfect Plex but his momentum was stopped with a Spinebuster. That allowed Hiroshi to do the Perfect Plex again and pick up the win. After a bit of bickering after the match, Tsukamoto shook hands with both Hiroshi and SAGAT.

Jaki Numazawa is blending in well with his new IRON PRIEST pal. He wrestled in a similar heavy metal costume as FUMA for their match. Daichi Kazato tried to block out the heavy metal stuff by singing his own song about the Best Stretch gym he works for. He was able to Clothesline Numazawa out of the ring but FUMA gave him an Extreme Twist Of Fate. FUMA then pinned Kazato with the Heavy Metal Anthem. He is pleased to have “NUMA-METAL” as his new support act as IRON PRIEST prepares to battle with Cavalry next month.

After Match #3, Tomoya Kawamura made an unexpected appearance wearing a suit. The former Rainbow Kawamura wanted to speak to Isami Kodaka. MC.33 who had just wrestled disappeared and Kodaka just so happened to appear in his place. Kawamura talked to him about being in Union Pro together but an injury robbed him the chance of wrestling there for the company’s final months. When he came back he became Rainbow Kawamura so he could have some fun but now it was time for his old self to come back. Kawamura announced he will quit DNA and now wants to wrestle in BASARA! Kodaka accepted him into BASARA and booked a match between the two of them on 8th September.


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