Kitazawa Town Hall
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1. 3 Way Match: Akane Miura defeated Azusa Takigawa and Maho Kurone when Miura pinned Takigawa with a Lariat (6:00).
2. Reika Saiki defeated Hyper Misao with a Camel Clutch (7:31).
3. Yuka Sakazaki defeated Nonoko with the Magical Girl Splash (14:19).
4. Syoko Nakajima & Rika Tatsumi defeated Yuu & Nodoka-oneesan when Tatsumi submitted Nodoka with the Dragon Sleeper (11:03).
5. Instead Of Goodbye: Miyu Yamashita defeated KANNA with the Crash Rabbit Heat (9:17).

Miyu Yamashita and KANNA tearfully hugged each other after what is now their final match against each other. Yamashita said she will feel lonely when KANNA graduates from Tokyo Joshi Pro next month. They knew each other for three years and seven months, Yamashita will remember that time as a gift. KANNA said she envied Yamashita for having the “sparkly belt”. In her time here she wanted to be a strong and cool girl. Even though she is leaving she thinks she can use what she learned to become stronger and cooler.

Yuu was happy to wrestle against Syoko Nakajima again for the first time since the Tokyo Princess Cup final. However she was disappointed not to win the match, slowing down her momentum before her title match.

Both Nonoko and Yuka Sakazaki requested for pieces of watermelon to be left in the ring for their match. A special rule was put in place that nobody could attack their opponent before they finished eating their watermelon. Daisuke Kiso joined in but almost choked on his piece. When that was done the match went back to normal and Sakazaki got the upset win. She dodged the Pai Fly Flow and gave Nonoko and Arm Screw followed by the Magical Girl Splash.


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