BASARA “VAJRA 18 WU” Results


BASARA “VAJRA 18 WU”, 18/09/2016
Aichi Sportiva Arena
120 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Ryuichi Sekine defeated Tomoya Kawamura with the Let’s Combine (8:13).
2. Your Neighborhood Noise Trouble Solution: FUMA defeated Gouma Ryu with the Heavy Metal Anthem (R4 1:00).
3. Koji Iwamoto defeated Daichi Kazato with a German Suplex (11:24).
4. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Shinya Ishida defeated Takumi Tsukamoto & SAGAT when Hiroshi pinned SAGAT with the Perfect Plex (13:08).
5. Isami Kodaka defeated Ryota Nakatsu with an Armlock Manjigatame (17:33).

Ryota Nakatsu went into the main event putting in all that vhe could be he still lost to Isami Kodaka. Nakatsu admitted disappointment over the result and wants to face Kodaka again. It’s possible that they will have a match at the IRON FIST TAG TOURNAMENT semi-finals if both of their teams win in the first round. Nakatsu asked Kodaka to remember him until then. He also warned Kodaka that Shinjiro Otani & Sean Guinness are formidable opponents while Nakatsu only has to worry about Masamune & Gouma Ryu.

The team of Takumi Tsukamoto and SAGAT continues to look a bit shaky. Before their match against Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Shinya Ishida began SAGAT asked Tsukamoto why he is entering the Iron Fist tournament with Kodaka instead of him. Tsukamoto said he already explained why and promised SAGAT he would work hard in this match to sort out their own relationship as a team. However their teamwork fell apart again and Hiroshi even used SAGAT’s momentum against Tsukamoto to get an advantage. Hiroshi got the win and gave SAGAT some encouragement because they are entering the tournament together. He called him a piece of junk in the process but it was meant to be encouragement. Hiroshi hopes he & SAGAT will face Kodaka & Tsuakmoto in the final.

Gouma Ryu has been complaining about FUMA playing his heavy metal music too loud wherever he goes. He challenged FUMA to a wrestling debate that would consist of 5 two minute rounds switching back and forth between wrestling and debating. FUMA struggled during the debate but took control when it switched to wrestling. Back in the debate FUMA could hardly contain his excitement when describing the emotional splendor of his favourite music genre. It ended with him doing an air guitar. In the next wrestling round Ryu was fed up and tried to hit FUMA with his law book. FUMA knocked Ryu down and placed the book on top of him. He then hit the Heavy Metal Anthem onto Ryu and the book to win the match.


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