Osaka Azalea Taisho Hall
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1. Akane Miura defeated Marika Kobashi with the Lariat (4:14).
2. 3 Way Match: Syoko Nakajima defeated Azusa Takigawa and Maho Kurone when Nakajima pinned Takigawa with the Northern Lights Suplex (8:36).
3. Reika Saiki defeated Nonoko with a Camel Clutch (6:44).
4. Mil Clown defeated Hyper Misao with the Mil Clutch α (6:35).
5. Rika Tatsumi & Miyu Yamshita defeated Yuu & Nodoka Onee-san when Tatsumi pinned Nodoka with the Dragon Twist Of Fate (13:55).

Rika Tatsumi continues to build momentum for her TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title Match with Yuu. However Yuu didn’t take today’s tag team defeat well and continued fighting with Tatsumi & Miyu Yamashita after the match. When Yuu left ringside Tatsumi said she will return to Osaka as the champion.

Yuka Sakazaki’s twin sister from the Magic Country Mil Clown was victorious in her debut match. Her opponent Hyper Misao didn’t believe Clown was Sakazaki’s sister but instead was one of her enemies. This match would help Misao figure out if Clown is good or evil. Clown quickly showed her colours when she twisted Misao’s hand during a handshake. Clown used some rolling Lucha to win the match. Her teddy bear companion Kumaun spoke on her behalf in the post-match interview. Kumaun said Clown had fun but is getting used to being away from Magic Country. Clown can’t tell if she is good or evil in this land. It’s something she never had to worry about back home.

Just how strong is Reika Saiki? Well, so strong she can give a Brainbuster to Nonoko. She can also submit Nonoko with the Camel Clutch.


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