DDT “DNA 23 ~ DNA GRAND PRIX 2016” Results


DDT “DNA 23 ~ DNA GRAND PRIX 2016”, 18/10/2016
Shinjuku FACE
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1. DNA Grand Prix – A Block: MAO (4) defeated Yuki Ueno (0) with the Cannonball 450 (8:48).
2. DNA Grand Prix – A Block: Kouki Iwasaki (2) defeated Rekka (0) with a Triangle Choke (5:10).
3. DNA Grand Prix – B Block: Guanchulo (2) defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani (0) with the Death Valley Driver (5:57).
4. DNA Grand Prix – B Block: Mike Bailey (4) defeated Mizuki Watase (2) with the Shooting Star Double Knee Drop (10:48).
5. DDT Offer Match: HARASHIMA & Akito defeated Toru Owashi & Hoshitango when HARASHIMA pinned Hoshitango with the Somato (11:05).
6. DNA Grand Prix – B Block: Ryota Nakatsu (4) defeated Daiki Shimomura (0) with an Extreme Foot Camel Clutch (12:36).
7. DNA Grand Prix – A Block: Kazusada Higuchi (4) defeated Royce Isaacs (2) with the Goten (12:48).

A Block Standings

1. MAO (4)
-. Kazusada Higuchi (4)
2. Royce Isaacs (2)
-. Kouki Iwasaki (2)
4. Yuki Ueno (0)
-. Rekka (0)

B Block Standings

1. Ryota Nakatsu (4)
-. Mike Bailey (4)
2. Mizuki Watase (2)
-. Guanchulo (2)
4. Daiki Shimomura (0)
-. Nobuhiro Shimatani (0)

Day 2 of the DNA Grand Prix was headlined by a match of power versus power. The American Royce Isaacs impressed in his Japanese debut yesterday but was stopped in his tracks by Kazusada Higuchi today. Both wrestlers kicked out of each other’s big moves, Isaacs from the Doctor Bomb and Higuchi from the Zenith. Isaacs lifted Higuchi onto the turnbuckles for an Avalanche move but Higuchi pushed him back and knocked him down with a Diving Lariat from the middle ropes. Higuchi then used the Goten to finish off his opponent. Higuchi said it was his Japanese spirit that made him win.

Ryota Nakatsu was accompanied by his Cavalry stablemates for his match with Daiki Shimomura. For the second match in a row Shimomura’s Asai DDT was avoided and that led to his defeat. Nakatsu got a nearfall with a Soccer Ball Kick but then immediately applied an Ankle Lock. Shimomura tried to escape until Nakatsu changed the move into a Camel Clutch for a successful submission. Sekine didn’t think anything of Shimomura except for calling him an ordinary guy.

Nakatsu’s main target in B Block is also two for two so far. Mike Bailey gave Mizuki Watase his first loss in the Grand Prix with a Screw Kick followed by the Shooting Star Double Knee Drop. Bailey has noticed the difficulty in his tournament matches is rising. He noticed Watase is using the experience he learned from wrestling Shinjiro Otani and Kengo Mashimo but he doesn’t yet have the physical strength to go with it. Out of the A Block wrestlers, Bailey would like to face Kouki Iwasaki, MAO and most of all, Kazusada Higuchi.

Guanchulo scored his first points over Nobuhiro Shimatani who is still stuck with zero. A Tornado DDT and Death Valley Bomb won it for Guanchulo. He was impressed with his opponent but now will focus on facing Bailey tomorrow. Bailey is a high flyer but Guanchulo thinks he is stronger. Why? Because he is Chilean!

Kouki Iwasaki got over his Day 1 defeat by tapping out Rekka. Iwasaki was more harsh in the ring than normal. He explained that he does not want to lose another match so he can beat Higuchi on the final day and advance to the final. That means no careless mistakes like the ones he did on Day 1.

MAO wasn’t taking any chances against Yuki Ueno. He had no intention of losing to anyone so he went full force even though his opponent was only having his second proper wrestling match.

Dai Suzuki was spotted doing warm ups in the ring with Suguru Miyatake before the show began. He hasn’t wrestled for DNA since March.


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