DDT “DNA 25 ~ DNA GRAND PRIX 2016” Results


DDT “DNA 25 ~ DNA GRAND PRIX 2016”, 20/10/2016
Shinjuku FACE
136 Fans

1. DNA Grand Prix – A Block: Kouki Iwasaki (6) defeated Yuki Ueno (0) with a Crab Hold (8:47).
2. DNA Grand Prix – B Block: Mike Bailey (6) defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani (0) with the Shooting Star Double Knee Drop (5:39).
3. DNA Grand Prix – B Block: Guanchulo (6) defeated Daiki Shimomura (2) with the Death Valley Driver (8:29).
4. DNA Grand Prix – A Block: Royce Isaacs (4) defeated MAO (4) with the Zenith (9:54).
5. DDT Offer Match: Danshoku Dino & Keisuke Ishii defeated Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi when Ishii pinned Takanashi with the High Angle Double Arm DDT (11:09).
6. DNA Grand Prix – A Block: Kazusada Higuchi (8) defeated Rekka (2) with the Doctor Bomb (11:39).
7. DNA Grand Prix – B Block: Ryota Nakatsu (8) defeated Mizuki Watase (2) with the V Slider (16:09).

A Block Standings

1. Kazusada Higuchi (8)
2. Kouki Iwasaki (6)
3. Royce Isaacs (4)
-. MAO (4)
5. Rekka (2)
6. Yuki Ueno (0)

B Block Standings

1. Ryota Nakatsu (8)
2. Guanchulo (6)
-. Mike Bailey (6)
4. Mizuki Watase (2)
-. Daiki Shimomura (2)
6. Nobuhiro Shimatani (0)

The penultimate day of the DNA Grand Prix sees Kazusada Higuchi and Ryota Nakatsu leading their blocks. In A Block Higuchi only has Kouki Iwasaki to worry about when they meet on the final day. If Iwasaki beats Higuchi then they will both finish tied in 1st place. The Direct Confrontation rule is in effect for tiebreakers so in this case Iwasaki will qualify for the final if he beats Higuchi. Over in B Block Guanchulo and Mike Bailey are chasing after Nakatsu. Bailey and Nakatsu face each other on the last day while Guanchulo takes on Mizuki Watase. Nakatsu only needs a draw to reach the final. Bailey will go through if he wins and Guanchulo doesn’t. There will be a 3 Way tie if both Bailey and Guanchulo win and I don’t know how that will be broken up.

Nakatsu continued his unbeaten streak with a win over Watase in the main event. Watase wouldn’t give up to Nakatsu’s submissions so he had to be put away with a German Suplex and the V Slider. Nakatsu said Bailey will die tomorrow. He then promoted BASARA to the audience.

Higuchi saw past Rekka to go into the final day with only Iwasaki to worry about. However he seems more interested in the result of Nakatsu Vs Bailey. Whatever happens, Higuchi see himself winning the Grand Prix undefeated.

MAO’s chances of catching up to Higuchi were finally put out by Royce Isaacs. The turning point in their match came when Isaacs avoided the Cannonball 450. MAO recovered with a John Woo Dropkick but his momentum was then cut with a Lariat. The Zenith ended the match in Isaacs favour. Isaacs describes MAO as tough but handsome. He was surprised with MAO’s judo technique. It makes him more powerful than he looks. With the Grand Prix final out of his reach, Isaacs wants to finish his tournament run by showing the full force of American style. He hopes he will come back to DNA someday.

Why was Guanchulo able to beat Daiki Shimomura? Because he is Chilean! Guanchulo warned Watase that he will murderize him tomorrow.

Mike Bailey recovered from yesterday’s loss to Guanchulo by beating Nobuhiro Shimatani, who still hasn’t won a point yet. When Bailey hasn’t been wrestling he was instead intently watching Nakatsu’s matches. He thinks Nakatsu’s footwork is amazing but Bailey isn’t afraid because his punches are also strong like his kicks.

You can’t be a pro wrestling rookie in Japan without tapping out to the Crab Hold. It took four matches to happen but Yuki Ueno finally got to experience that right of passage. Iwasaki made it his mission during this tournament to beat Higuchi. Now it will be his destiny.


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