DDT Universe Coming Soon!



DDT is the latest wrestling company to set up a video on-demand service. DDT Universe will be available on computers, phones and tablets from January 2017. The service gives subscribers unlimited access to shows from DDT, DNA, BASARA, Tokyo Joshi Pro, Ganbare☆Wrestling and other spin-offs such as Street Wrestling matches. The intention is to have all the shows from Korakuen Hall and Sumo Hall throughout the year be aired live on the service. Monthly subscriptions cost 900 yen which at the time of writing is about €7.95/$8.65/£7.05 per month.

So far so good but there’s a few things we don’t know about yet. DDT has been around for almost 20 years so they have a lot of matches and shows in their archives. The website trailer did show clips of old DDT gimmicks like Super Uchu Power and HERO! as well as early footage of Sanshiro Takagi. Music is already dubbed over with in-house songs on the official DVDs so I assume that is also how the website will handle entrances. Region locking shouldn’t be a problem. The price is in line with the other services out there and when you combine all the brands together the DDT family there should be a lot of new videos added every month. And if wrestling isn’t enough there are plans to do reality style shows for some of the DDT roster. No mention of compatibility with devices such as Chromecast which would be a bit of a downer. Still given how little of the spin offs make tape it’s great to see this service get set up.


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  1. mattyboy301 says:

    Is there going to be a subscription site in English? Will they accept PayPal ? Is this part of NicoNico ?

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