Yokohama Radiant Hall
202 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Nonoko defeated Azusa Takigawa with the Boinmaker (7:30).
2. Muscle Idol Vs Back Bancho First Confrontation!: Reika Saiki & Nodoka-oneesan defeated Akane Miura & Maho Kurone when Saiki submitted Kurone with the Tower Bridge (9:07).
3. 3 Way Match: Mil Clown defeated Syoko Nakajima and Hyper Misao when Clown pinned Misao with the Mil Clutch α (5:35).
4. Marika Kobashi High School Exam Send-Off Match: Miyu Yamashita defeated Marika Kobashi with the Attitude Adjustment (11:30).
5. TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title: Yuu (c) defeated Rika Tatsumi with the Katahajime (15:15).
*V1 for Yuu.

Yuu’s first defence of the TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title was successful but proved to be more of a challenge than she thought. Rika Tatsumi had only begun to win matches consistently in the last couple of months, leading to her getting a crack at the title. However she came prepared with her own focus on submissions to combat Yuu’s judo ability. While Tatsumi threw some Hip Attacks to knock back Yuu, she also targeted her leg with Dropkicks and Dragon Screws so she could apply an effective Figure Four Leg Lock. Yuu resisted this and applied the Katahajime for the submission victory. Yuu said she was really happy with the match because it brings her one step closer to defending the title on 4th January, the one year anniversary of her debut match.

Miyu Yamashita defeated Marika Kobashi in Kobashi’s final match for the time being. Kobashi will now prepare for her high school entry exams. Yamashita said she originally thought Kobashi was too young when she first began training due to how tough it is. However she was proven wrong and she is happy to be part of Kobashi’s send off. She then advised Kobashi to concentrate on her exams because they are terribly hard. Kobashi hopes to return if she passes the exams.

There’s been a theme running through all of the DDT family throughout 2016 and it is marriage. A lot of wrestlers and staff members have been getting married or at least engaged this year. Azusa Takigawa has noticed this and also noticed the wrestlers who have gotten married have also become stronger as a result. She interrupted the opening speeches so she could plead with the Genral Manager Tetsuya Koda to drop the “No relationships” rule from Tokyo Joshi Pro. Takigawa wants to go out matchmaking so she can find a husband, get married and become stronger! Koda told her now wasn’t the time to talk about this. Later when Takigawa had her match with Nonoko, Takigawa was put in a Scorpion Deathlock. Instead of reaching for the ropes Takigawa instead reached for a microphone so she could again plead to Koda to drop the “no relationships” rule while she was in the Scorpion Deathlock! After the match Nonoko was impressed by Takigawa’s passion. Not for wrestling but for finding a husband. Nonoko said she was a teenager until just recently (yeah right!) and she never imagined wanting to go matchmaking at Takigawa’s age. She wants to help Takigawa and offered to team with her in the ring. Takigawa accepted, together they will find the truth of love!

Itoh Maki from the idol group LinQ announced she will be wrestling for DDT on 11th December and after that will debut for Tokyo Joshi on 4th January. She is thrilled by her plans to do both idol work and wrestling. She also said she has great respect for Danshoku Dino. It was then revealed that Maki’s opponent on 4th January will by Miyu Yamashita. According to Yamashita she has been keeping a close eye on Maki’s training ever since it began back in July. She noticed Maki has been working very hard so she is happy to be her first opponent in Tokyo Joshi. She asked Maki to come at her at full force when they wrestle.

The literal doll faced ring announcer and “World’s First Animated Idol Chick” Minami Momochi recently revealed she will be graduating from Tokyo Joshi Pro on 4th January next year. She said over the last three and a half years she watched Tokyo Joshi and their wrestlers grow. She feels now is the time for herself to move on if she too wants to advance.


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