DDT “GOD BLESS DDT 2016” Results


DDT “GOD BLESS DDT 2016”, 23/11/2016
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,344 Fans – No Vacancy

0. King Of Dark Title – 3 Way Match: Mad Paulie defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani (c) and Guanchulo when Paulie pinned Shimatani with a Reverse Splash (3:39).
*D4 for Nobuhiro Shimatani.
1. Rumours In Regions Dance Vs Song Vs ParaPara Sacred 3 Way Battle!: Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata defeated Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO and Akito, Yasu Urano & Rekka when Hirata pinned Oishi with the Miracle One Shot Cradle (6:05).
2. Soma Takao & Kazusada Higuchi defeated Keisuke Ishii & Kouki Iwasaki when Takao pinned Ishii with the Gin And Tonic (9:42).
3. Dick Togo, Shigehiro Irie & Antonio Honda defeated KUDO, Masahiro Takanashi & Tomomitsu Matsunaga when Irie submitted Matsunaga with the Tazzmission (11:06).
4. Special Single Match: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Mike Bailey with the Sasaki Hurricanrana (14:06).
5. DDT Extreme Title – No Woman No Cry Match: Danshoku Dino (c) defeated Saki Akai with the Danshoku Driver (15:27).
*V3 for Danshoku Dino.
6. Special Single Match: Yoshihiro Takayama defeated Yukio Sakaguchi by TKO with the Running Kneelift (10:51).
7. Special Tag Match: Shuji Ishikawa & Tetsuya Endo defeated HARASHIMA & Konosuke Takeshita when Endo pinned Takeshita with the Sky Twister Press (19:39).


With less than two weeks to go until “OSAKA OCTOPUS 2016” the two headliners faced off in a tag team main event at Korakuen Hall. Shuji Ishikawa teamed with his DAMNATION stablemate Tetsuya Endo while HARASHIMA was paired with Konosuke Takeshita. The end came when Ishikawa caught HARASHIMA during a Double Knee Strike and Power Bombed him outside the ring! Endo avoided Takeshita’s German Suplex and hit a Standing Spanish Fly. Takeshita kicked out of the Torture Rack Bomb but couldn’t survive the Sky Twister Press. After the match, Ishikawa had an important announcement to make. Mad Paulie has a new T-shirt on sale! He said DAMNATION would hold an autograph session after the show but Daisuke Sasaki cut him off with a kick. Ishikawa and Paulie then sang “Happy Birthday” to Sasaki who had turned 31 years old the day before. Sasaki yelled at them to stop but then the crowd joined in. Sasaki shouted “As long as we have DAMNATION there will never be a happy ending!” but the audience drowned him out. Sasaki gave up and mumbled “Thank you”.


Yukio Sakaguchi had set his sights on Yoshihiro Takayama. Too bad he didn’t see that Knee Strike coming. Sakaguchi tried what he could from single leg tackles and Ankle Locks to the Right Knee Of God. But when Takayama pulled down his knee pad and smashed his knee into Sakaguchi’s face it was all over. The match ended in a TKO. Takayama described Sakaguchi’s angry performance as energetic and funny. It kind of reminded him of his matches in NOAH against Hideo Itami (Takayama referred to him as Hideo, don’t yell at me for not calling him KENTA in this context). When asked what was the difference between himself and Sakaguchi, Takayama called himself the king and Sakaguchi a commoner. He was even disappointed he didn’t get to pin him with the Everest German.


The DDT Extreme Title match was going to be emotional. Danshoku Dino took on Saki Akai in a No Woman No Cry Match. They would wrestle as normal until they were interrupted by videos of sad stories. If Dino or Akai cried at the videos they would lose. The first sad story was about a dog but neither was upset by it. The next video was footage of Guanchulo’s farewell speech from his first visit to Japan in 2014. Both Dino and Akai struggled but were able to hold back their tears. Dino was about to give Akai the Danshoku Driver when a video of Antonio Honda giving a speech about Dick Togo from “MUSCLE HOUSE 2” played. Dino let go of Akai to stop himself from crying. It was clear that nothing was going to make Dino or Akai cry so the match continued. Dino overpowered Akai with a Brainbuster and then the Danshoku Driver to win the match and keep the title.


Dino encouraged Akai to get back up under her own strength. He said it does not matter why Akai wants to be in DDT because she has been part of the DDT family for a long time already. The “Wrestling Mentalist” was done treating her and now wanted to know who he will fight next. Out came Jun Kasai! Dino asked Kasai why he came down to the ring. Kasai said he wasn’t here to see Dino, he was drawn down by the belt. Kasai will challenge Dino for the DDT Extreme Title in Osaka on 4th December!


In another preview of the big Osaka show, Mike Bailey took on Daisuke Sasaki. Bailey has sworn revenge on DAMNATION for losing to them at “RYOGOKU PETER PAN 2016”. Sasaki wound him up even further by rubbing his KO-D Tag Team Title belt over Bailey’s face before the match begun. Mad Paulie got involved by Body Slamming Bailey onto the floor when he was outside the ring. Bailey made it back to the ring at the 18 count. He later hit a Shooting star dive out of the ring, giving Sasaki a near countout of his own. More referee distractions allowed Sasaki to Low Blow Bailey and pin him with the Hurricanrana. Bailey said after the match that Sasaki’s foul play makes their upcoming Tag Title match more serious. Attacking the spirit isn’t good for your health so Bailey is more determined than ever to beat Sasaki with Konosuke Takeshita for that championship.


In Match #3 Antonio Honda danced to “Linda Linda” by THE BLUE HEARTS. Shigehiro Irie continued his winning ways since his return by tapping out Tomomitsu Matsunaga with the Tazzmission. He is now two for two in DDT.


This Monday Soma Takao will defend the AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight Title against Keisuke Ishii in Sumo Hall for All Japan. He sent a loud message today by beating Ishii in a tag team match, pinning him with the Gin And Tonic. Ishii is now feeling rattled by the loss because he thinks the upcoming match will be his last opportunity to win the title.


Match #1 fell apart when the HIRATA GO! glasses came out and there was duelling music between “TOKYO GO!” and “Never Give Up☆I LOVE YOU”. During this nonsense Kazuki Hirata pinned Makoto Oishi to win the match for T2Hide. Amon Tsurumi approached Hirata in the ring about the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title. He showed a video of Hirata’s ambush on Ryota Yamasato at a TV Tokyo set. There were a string of title changes between TV personalities until Hirata became the champion. He then ran into a camera crane that collapsed on top of him. The camera crane was then declared the champion. Yamasato somehow pinned the camera crane to win back the title. Back in the ring Tsurumi ordered Hirata to ambush Yamasato tomorrow over at the TBS Radio studio and win back the belt.


It was a good day for Mad Paulie. Not only did he get a new T-shirt, he also won the dark match so he wasn’t saddled down with the King Of Dark Title. Everything’s coming up Paulie!


Super Sasadango Machine gave everyone an update on his condition. He was hospitalised one month ago and found out he is suffering from a mild heart disease. He was operated on twice and needs roughly six months of rehab. His doctor discovered through watching Sasadango’s matches on Youtube that he no longer has the stamina he once had. Sasadango now only has around 50% of his normal motor ability. His rehab involved daily weight training and aerobic exercise. He hoped to be back in time for the 20th Anniversary show in Saitama Super Arena next March but asked the fans to wait a little bit longer. Sasadango then unmasked to turn back into Muscle Sakai so he could talk about “Cultural Pro Wrestling DDT”, the next DDT film he is producing.


Several BASARA wrestlers were in attendance to promote the brand’s Korakuen Hall debut on Christmas Day. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi announced a Six-Man Tag Match will happen on the show. All three members of IRON PRIEST will take on Jun Kasai, MIKAMI & Tanomusaku Toba. Afterwards SAGAT whispered into Hiroshi’s ear. He wanted to get the message across that he is nervous to fight against Jun Akiyama on the card but he is still looking forward to the match. Hiroshi instead said that Akiyama better be careful because SAGAT is coming to kick his ass!


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