DNA Plans For 2017


It was announced today that beginning in 2017 the production of DNA’s events will be outsourced to S.P.E. Entertainment. The first DNA show to be held under the new sponsor will be held in Shinjuku FACE on 23rd February, titled “FIGHTING GIG DNA EP.30 ~Starting Signal Run!~”.

S.P.E is the sports division for SP Advertising. They helped produce the AAA “STAR BATTLE JAPAN” show held in Korakuen Hall last month. Atsunori Sasaki was appointed the new show producer for DNA. He has previously worked on television projects for Momoiro Clover Z and has worked on UFC and K-1 TV programs in the past.

Sanshiro Takagi said when DNA was originally launched it was to develop new talent for DDT. Since that time it has grown and established itself into something more past the point of simply being a place for newcomers to wrestle. Takagi thought that as long as DNA is labelled as a developmental brand it will always be seen as lower product to the regular DDT events. In order for DNA to grow even bigger Takagi feels that it should be looked over by somebody who is independent from DDT.

The first change for DNA is a new nickname for the brand, “Fighting Gig”. Sasaki explained that he wanted a name that captures the sensation of DNA’s live shows. Much like music gigs, these shows convey energy from both the performers and the audience. There are also plans for improving the venue and video presentation of the shows. Takagi noticed that the roster consisting of wrestlers in the teens and twenties have drawn in a younger audience to DNA so he hopes this will be the driving force for a new flow in pro wrestling. DNA wrestlers will still appear in DDT and its wrestlers can still graduate to either DDT or BASARA should they want to.

Many of the DNA roster commented on the news. As the youngest wrestler in the group, Yuki Ueno wants to work hard and make his body bigger. Nobuhiro Shimatani will do his best for DNA and to reach that next step. Daiki Shimomura sees this as a new start. Mizuki Watase hopes the changes will open up wrestling to more people like music fans. Kouki Iwasaki wants to bring DNA up to an even higher level. Kazusada Higuchi said he will do even more amazing things going into his 3rd year. Shunma Katsumata is excited to work for someone who has worked with Momoiro Clover Z. MAO wants to show how much young power he has and that it will take him beyond what he has done so far. Suguru Miyatake is aiming to be fit to wrestle as soon as possible. Rekka sees this as a big opportunity for him. And finally Guanchulo says if you are in Japan, please come see DNA’s new generation!


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